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14 DECEMBER, 2012
All the best for a safe and happy holiday.
We've had a big year!  25 schools + 3 in-school programs + 13 campus visits + 2 museums + (lots more) = over 7,000 engagements with students in 2013! Along the way, almost 200 parents got involved, and we worked with teachers more than 600 times. 

Thank you for all your hard work to Compass coordinators, program coordinators, classroom teachers, administrative staff, deputy principals, and principals. The growth in depth and breadth of our program this year, and the opportunities for students and schools that accompanied it, are the result of the efforts you all.  

Congratulations to our new schools Fairfield PS, Villawood East PS, Liverpool Girls High School, Liverpool Boys High School, and Moorebank High School for your first very successful year with Compass. 

And finally, don't forget to check out the films from the SMA and FP&E program - you can see them on our website's video gallery from today.  Let us know which ones your students liked the most!
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 COMPASS    |  
University Christmas Closedown
The University of Sydney will be closed from Wednesday 19 December, reopening Wednesday 2 January 2013. 
The last day for Compass business will be Friday 14 December. 
University of Sydney Info Day - E12 applicants welcomed
Thursday 3 January, 2013 Camperdown Campus
Successful E12 applicants welcomed. 

For Year 10, 11 and 12 students, an opportunity to find out more about pathways to higher education. See article below in 'News' section for more information.
Sydney Science Experience
Wed 9 Jan – Fri 11 Jan, 2013
The University of Sydney
Years 9 & 10
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SAVE THE DATE: MULTILIT professional development in 2013
Compass is again offering professional training on the MULTILIT Reading Tutor Program. The 1-day workshop will be facilitated by MULTILIT staff and will cover all aspects of the program.
  • The session is compulsory for new school volunteer coordinators.
  • It is also suitable for teachers or support staff who have not been trained in delivering MULTILIT.
When: Friday 22 February (Term 1, Week 4) at the University of Sydney’s Camperdown Campus.

If you are interested in attending, please email Mike to request a registration form.   Registrations close on Thursday 14 February (Term 1, Week 3).

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What's happening in Science?
The 2013 Science Alliance calendar is now available!  (Don't worry, we'll tell you about it again in February...)

The calendar is PACKED with information about events, workshops, competitions, and careers talks from the Schools of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Agriculture, Information Technology, Engineering, and more! 2013 is going to be an exciting year. 
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Professional Learning 2013 Calendar - National Curriculum
The 2013 calendar from the Office of Professional Learning will be available on the University's website shortly.  

Ten primary school literacy & creative arts sessions offered between March and September 2013

  • Where Do I Start? Stimulating Ideas for Literacy-rich Primary Classrooms
  • Children's Literature K-6
  • Creative Arts Workshop
  • Teaching Language, Literature and Literacy in Kindergarten
  • Quality Literature for Quality Learning
  • Teaching Reading K-6
  • Teaching Writing K-6
  • Teaching Comprehension K-6
National Curriculum
We are pleased to announce at least 8 sessions on Australian/ National curriculum preparation, starting in August.  So far, sessions for Stage 4 & 5 Science, Mathematics, English, and History are being planned. 

Please talk to your Compass Coordinator if you would like to register for any of these sessions, or contact Victoria Loy at Compass.
The 2013 calendar from the Office of Professional Learning will be available on the University's website shortly. We will also email the calendar to Compass Coordinators later this week.  

National Curriculum
We are pleased to announce at least 8 sessions on Australian/National curriculum preparation, starting in August.  So far, sessions for Stage 4 & 5 Science, Mathematics, English, and History are being planned.  

Development Days
In 2013 schools can use part of their professional learning budget to hold a School Development Day at the University of Sydney.  

Option 1: Use a venue only for school business
Option 2: Use venue for half-day of school business, half-day of PL workshops with University academics. 

We will keep you apprised as PL workshops and registration are developed.  In the meantime, please contact Victoria Loy  ASAP if you would like to book a space on campus for a School Development Day in Term 1, 2, or 3.
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University of Sydney Info Day
January 3, 2013 9.30am to 4pm
Not sure what biologists actually do in real life?  Wondering which type of business program has the best employment prospects? 

The Info Day is similar to the Open Day that takes place in August each year. But it's not just graduating Year 12 students who can benefit from attending.
  • Year 10s: Find out more about how to turn subjects you're interested in into pre-requisites for uni degrees and careers. 
  • Year 11s: See what else is out there, even if you've got a degree program in mind.  Learn more about scholarships and how to apply for them. 
  • Year 12s: Visit to decide whether the University of Sydney might be right for you. Learn about transport, accommodation, and life on campus. 
  • Careers Advisers - Get updated information from Faculties, Scholarships, and Student Support units
There will be mini lectures, and information booths throughout the main Quadrangle to help you with your queries. Enjoy entertainment from the University of Sydney Union and its various clubs and societies, and take a tour of the campus. 

Visit the Info Day website for more information.
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 PARENTS    |  
Bridges Parents Campus Visit
The five universities of the Bridges to Higher Education network have a series of campus visits coming up designed specifically for parents.

Information provided about getting in, university life, costs, courses, and the support available. Common questions answered, and a campus tour and refreshments provided.

The University of Western Sydney 
Thursday 13th December
10 – 1.30pm 

Please pass this on to your school's CLOs to share this information with parents. CLOs can register to bring a group of parents at 

Please contact Sophie Partridge at Compass with any questions. More parents visits will be organised by the Bridges consortium in 2013, so watch this space for more information!
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Final Compass DIrections for 2013
Upcoming Activities
Multilit Professional Development
Science Alliance 2013 Calendar
2013 Professional Learning Calendar
Information for Parents - upcoming campus visits
How do you strip mine a Tim Tam sustainably?
Sydney University Museums holiday hours
Useful links
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And perhaps more importantly, how does 'sustainability' intersect with and affect the work of the agricultural, mining, and information technology industries? 
More than 200 Year 9 students visited the Camperdown Campus on Tuesday 4 December for the first Compass STEM Day of Inquiry, and in a series of hands-on workshops with University academics and students, they investigated these questions and more. University staff were impressed with the interest and energy shown by the students, who very ably completed the main task of the day - to ASK QUESTIONS! 

Video and photos from the day will appear on our website soon.  We thank the Faculties of Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Education and Social Work, and the Student Ambassadors of the University.
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Sydney University Museums will be closed from 4:30pm, Tuesday 18th December, 2012 and will re-open 10.00am, Wednesday 2nd January, 2013. From all the staff and volunteers at Sydney University Museums, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!
If you haven't seen it yet, make sure you get in to view the Legosseum before February 2013!
The Macleay MuseumNicholson Museum and University Art Gallery are open to the public and entry is free.
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