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Lithics I: Identifying Lithic Artefacts Workshop
Lithics I: Identifying Lithic Artefacts Workshop
This is an intensive three day workshop examining concepts and procedures of lithic artefact identification. It is focused on developing conceptual understandings and practical competency in identifying, describing and quantifying flaked stone artefacts. Participants should take away a quality capacity to identify lithic artefacts, in a variety of conditions, and to be able to use those identifications to accurately describe archaeological assemblages. If you are unfamiliar with lithic analysis it will introduce you to key concepts and methods. If you have some experience with analysing stone artefacts the workshop will clarify and enhance your understanding and analytical abilities. The presentations will be in non-technical, largely non-statistical language, will be heavily illustrated, and will engage participants with making and studying stone artefacts. The identification of lithic artefacts is often poorly done but is the critical step in building descriptions of archaeological materials for heritage and research interpretations. Reliable and accurate identification of lithic materials requires sound diagnostic frameworks and robust skills in applying them to specimens. This workshop will provide training in both of these aspects.

The workshop is designed to provide training for archaeological consultants, heritage managers, early career researchers and students. All materials will be provided.

The workshop will be led by Peter Hiscock, the Tom Austen Brown Professor of Australian Archaeology at the University of Sydney. He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London, Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, Honorary Fellow of Charles Darwin University and Research Associate of the Australian Museum. Peter has published multiple books and academic articles. Most of these publications deal with lithic technology and he is a leading researcher in the field of stone artefact analysis. His book Archaeology of ancient Australia won the Mulvaney Book award in 2008, and his forthcoming book is a text on lithic analysis. Peter has been involved in consultancies and has been an expert witness in court cases dealing with stone artefacts in three Australian states. In 2012 he was awarded a Doctorate of Science for his contributions to the study of lithic artefacts. 

Workshop Schedule
Day 1
Session 1 – Introduction

Session 1 – Knapping

Session 3 – Recognizing flakes

Session 4 – Identifying flake features with training

Day 2
Session 1 – Flake HT (hypothesis testing)

Session 2 – Identifying flake features with training

Session 3 – Breakage and counting

Session 4 – Identifying broken fragments
Day 3
Session 1 – Recognizing retouched flakes and cores

Session 2 – Diagnosing artefacts with training

Session 3 – Difficult and notable examples

Session 4 – Final training
Monday 27 February, Tuesday 28 February and Wednesday 1 March 2017
Archaeology Research Laboratory 105
Old Teachers' College
The University of Sydney
Standard Registration $990

HDR Students Registration $495

Lunch will be provided.
Registrations are essential.

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