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4 September 2017
It’s Disability Inclusion Week!
Is it ever okay to tell a joke about disability? What are the biggest perks of living with disability? Our staff and students answer the questions that you might have been too afraid to ask, and help us to unlearn some of the misconceptions about disability. Don’t miss Disability Inclusion Week this week – check out the program.
Watch TEDxYouth on campus
Don’t miss our exclusive live stream of TEDxYouth@Sydney on the Law Lawns this Wednesday. You’ll hear from some of Australia’s best and brightest, including a few of our own students and alumni. Two alumni worth watching are Afterpay CEO and Co-founder Nick Molnar (B Comm 2011) and Tilly Lawless (B Arts 2015), who shook the internet with her #facesofprostitution campaign. We’re even throwing in free coffee and popcorn to sweeten the deal, so pull up a beanbag.
From Dubbo to Darlington
It’s almost Pave the Way, a 24-hour fundraising challenge to support causes like our coral reef research, refugee language program and Student Scholarship Fund. To help get us pumped for the day, we checked in with Michael Jeffrey, a scholarship recipient and budding astrophysicist who’s now on a path to astronomical success.
Herd it through the bovine
Ever wondered if cows have a beef with us? Or if their thoughts are a little cheesy? PhD student and resident cow whisperer Alexandra Green is studying the vocal behaviour of dairy cows, in the hopes of one day creating a cow dictionary. Check out SBS VICELAND’s video.  (Yes, we’re really milking this opportunity for puns.)
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Study hub
Enhance your skills, build your future
  • Thinking about honours? Find out more at Honours Week, from 11-15 September.
  • Have you just completed your first semester at university? The University’s Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) team wants to hear about your transition from high school, to help other new students adjust to university life. Complete the short questionnaire.
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Disability Inclusion Week highlights
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Life outside the classroom

  • Get 20 percent off tickets to Sydney Contemporary at Carriageworks. Plus, email us by 12pm Tuesday 5 September for your chance to win a general admission pass.  
Dates for your diary
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Research Hub
Academics making waves
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Keep up to date with important info
  • How do you move? Keep an eye on your inbox for Healthy Sydney Uni’s travel census on Tuesday 19 September. We’re taking a 24 hour snapshot of how our community travels and exercises, so we can create a campus environment that best supports your health.

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