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28 August 2017
Disability Inclusion Week
It’s Disability Inclusion Week next week! We’re bringing together our staff and student community to learn more about the experiences of people who live with a disability, and to celebrate diversity. Join us on Eastern Avenue on Monday 4 September, where we will have therapy dogs, a depressed cake stall and flash mobs! We'll also have panels and events happening throughout the week. Check out the full schedule here.
Ally Network affirms support for equal marriage

The University of Sydney’s Ally Network of students and staff have released a position paper, expressing strong support for marriage equality in Australia ahead of the postal vote. Read the full paper on the Ally Network webpage. The University is committed to providing a safe and supportive campus for all students and staff. We expect that any expression of views on the matter is conducted in a respectful manner, and support services are available for all students. Remember to cast your vote as soon as possible once you receive your ballot in the mail. The deadline is 6pm on 27 October 2017.

A lesson in unlearning
You might have noticed the posters on Eastern Avenue, asking us to ‘unlearn’ – but what does it mean? Throughout our lives, we’re taught important lessons, but there’s one most of us never get – a lesson in unlearning. It’s only by being brave enough to break down old rules, that we can write new ones. That’s why we’ve been doing some unlearning of our own.
Take your next steps with honours
What’s hon-your mind after uni? Our honours program could be the competitive edge you need to kick off your career or set your sights on a PhD. We’ve put together 5 reasons that a one-year honours degree could be your ticket to success.
We're open for discussion
Need a new podcast for your commute? Join our fearless host Dr Christopher Neff as he interviews some of the University’s best and brightest in Open for Discussion. This week, Dr Neff chats to Hussain Nadim about confronting radical extremism.
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Study hub
Enhance your skills, build your future
  • Want to travel to foreign lands and the outer reaches of space – all without leaving campus? The Immersive Learning Laboratory has made this a reality.
  • If you have a great research proposal to improve local health, apply now for a $2500 seed-funding grant through Healthy Sydney Uni. 
  • Applications are now open for the China Study Tour scholarship for travel to Shanghai in December.
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Life outside the classroom

  • Are you ready to Pave the Way? Medical science student Christian Antoniak is! He will be pounding the pavement for a one-man fun-run around campus to raise money to help keep our Great Barrier Reef healthy. Every five donations means another lap of the campus – so chip in and support Christian’s efforts now!
  • Only nine days to go until TEDxYouth@Sydney 2017. Get in quick for a special 15 percent discount on full day tickets for Sydney Uni students. Jump online and use the code ‘USyd-TXY15’ to secure your seats. Limited tickets available so get in quick!
  • Keen to get back into the gym this semester? Now’s the time. SUSF is offering a ‘3 for free’ deal. Offer ends 8 October.
Dates for your diary
  • 31 Aug – Sydney Ideas – Education and Social Work Dean’s lecture series
  • 1 Sep Sydney Ideas – Feminism and women’s political activism in North Africa
  • 3 Sep Sydney Vital – Neuro-oncology postgraduate scholarship application close date
  • 3 Sep Sydney Vital – Breast cancer implementation research scholarship application close date
  • 7 Sep Postgraduate Business information session
  • 14 Sep Sharing Spaces: a night of Chinese and Aboriginal dance and music
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Research Hub
Academics making waves
  • What’s life really like as an academic? In a new documentary series, we’ll follow five of our Sydney Research Accelerator (SOAR) Fellows for two years, as they take their research to new heights. Check out this trailer for a taste.
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Keep up to date with important info
  • Join our feedback team: We’re looking for students who can help us improve the student experience. It’s easy: you just need to give feedback on the way you engage with the University. To help us out by taking part, fill out this form.
  • We’re conducting an audit on classrooms and meeting spaces this week, so if someone random with a lanyard drops in, don’t worry – they’re just doing a quick headcount to ensure our room booking systems are working well.
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