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14 August 2017
Showcasing our world-changing ideas
It's Innovation Week and we're bringing together staff and students involved with ground-breaking discoveries and transformative inventions to celebrate and share how we are changing the world. We have events and talks happening all week, so check them out. And don’t forget to attend the Student Challenge Start-up Showcase this Tuesday, where students will present their pitches to kickstart a better future, for the chance to win $10,000!

Have a say in your faculty’s decision-making, by nominating yourself or a peer for your faculty or University school’s board. Nominations close at 4pm on Monday 21 August. Find out more about nominations and the election process.
Summer study in Spain, anyone?
Already planning your next holiday? With our huge short-term exchange program, you can combine study with adventure over the semester breaks. Find out more at tomorrow’s Short Term Mobility Fair. In case you’re still on the fence, we’ve busted some of the most common myths about exchange.
Radical Sex and Consent Week
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Enhance your skills, build your future
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Life outside the classroom

  • Do you have the write stuff? Glory and $10,000 in prize money could be yours – all you need to do is wow the Wentworth Medal judges with a 3000-word essay. Get your entries in by 30 August.
  • If you’re still looking for your big break, then don’t fret! Enter your band in Rockin’ the Puburbs, and if you strike a chord you could win $15,000 and a headline tour of NSW pubs.
  • TEDxYouth@Sydney 2017 is coming! Join us 6 September for a live stream of the talks on campus. 
  • Everyone has a story to tell, and now yours can be published. We’re looking for submissions of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art or photography inspired by the theme ‘the everyday’. Winning submissions will be published in our 2017 Student Anthology.
  • Disability Inclusion Week is almost here, and this year we want you to dance your way to inclusion, by taking part in our all-abilities dance flash mob!
  • You might remember renowned journalist Glenn Greenwald for his work with Edward Snowden. He’s joining us for a special Sydney Ideas discussion on 20 August, with free tickets for our students.
Dates for your diary
  • 15 August Sydney Ideas – Data science: the future of better health?
  • 15 August Sydney Science Festival – Are your genes your destiny?
  • 15-17 August The USU’s Radical Sex and Consent Week
  • 17 August Sydney Science Festival – scientists and philosophers need to talk
  • 20 August Sydney Ideas – An afternoon with Glenn Greenwald
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Academics making waves
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Keep up to date with important info
  • If you see offensive graffiti or material of an unacceptable nature on our campuses please let the University know immediately by calling 1300 CAMPUS (1300 226 787) so we can remove it.
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