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7 August 2017
Message from the Vice-Chancellor
Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence has condemned recent incidents of racist vandalism on our campuses, affirming that “harassment, discrimination or vilification of any kind has no part in our community”. Click ‘Read more’ for the full response.
Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence has condemned recent incidents of racist vandalism on our campuses, affirming that “harassment, discrimination or vilification of any kind has no part in our community”.

Dear students,

Many of you will be aware of recent incidents involving the appearance at several points around campus of deeply offensive racist graffiti.

We view these incidents with the utmost seriousness – and condemn them. Harassment, discrimination or vilification of any kind has no part in our community. Universities must be places where tolerance, acceptance and diversity are both taught and practised. 

We are continuing to review and improve campus security measures and maintaining close liaison with the NSW Police in order to protect the right of all students and staff to feel safe and free from discrimination.

If you see something or have any knowledge of people engaged in these activities, please do not hesitate to tell us. You can most conveniently do this by calling 1300 CAMPUS (1300 226 787).

We will investigate any breach of the Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Policy 2015 to ensure everyone’s right to safety on all our campuses is upheld. Any student or staff member who engages in such behaviour will face serious consequences.

Promoting diversity, inclusion and respect on our campuses is a responsibility we all share. 

A more diverse university is a stronger university, and I encourage you to think what role you can play in creating a campus environment that is genuinely open to all.

Finally, remember that support is available for students distressed by such incidents. Our Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) are located on level 5 of the Jane Foss Russell Building and can be reached on 1800 SYD HLP (1800 793 457).

Yours sincerely,

Dr Michael Spence AC

Vice Chancellor
What even is a start-up?
The term ‘start-up’ gets thrown around a lot… but what does it actually mean? Our experts break down the difference between small businesses and start-ups, to help get our heads in the game for Innovation Week (14–18 August). Register now to attend the Innovation Week Student Challenge Showcase.
Why artificial sweeteners can increase appetite
Using artificial sweeteners in your coffee to lose weight? You might want to think again. Researchers from the Charles Perkins Centre have found that artificial sweeteners may actually be counterproductive to dieting
6 jobs you haven’t heard of yet
Ever heard of a synthetic systems biologist? How about a micro fabricator? We peer into the future to uncover the jobs (and degrees) that will change the way we work and live.
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Study hub
Enhance your skills, build your future
  • PhD students, you could be headed to Harvard University. As part of our recent partnership with the college, we’re offering funding opportunities for researchers to collaborate with one of the world’s most prestigious universities. 
  • Arts and business students: don’t miss your chance to live, study and intern in Washington DC for nine weeks while earning credit towards your degree. Apply by 20 August. 
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Life outside the classroom

  • Nominations are now open for the 2018 Alumni Awards. Can you think of someone who deserves to be recognised?
Dates for your diary
  • 8 August Festival of Urbanism – Pop Up Justice
  • 8 August Sydney Ideas – Battlefields of Memory
  • 8 August Sydney Ideas – Dental Health Forum
  • 9 August Sydney Science Festival – Dava Sobel on the Glass Universe
  • 10 August Sydney Science Festival – The Physics and Philosophy of Time
  • 10 August Sydney Ideas – Professor Nancy Law
  • 10 August Innovation Week – Alice P Albright
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Research Hub
Academics making waves
  • Sick of the sardine-can experience of Sydney’s peak hour train crush? Associate Professor Pablo Guillen Alvarez proposes a solution.
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2017 faculty and University school elections
Nominations are now open for students for membership of faculties, faculty boards, University schools and University school boards and for the first time you can self-nominate.
  • Click here if you are enrolled in the faculties of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing or Pharmacy.
Nominations close at 4pm on Monday 21 August.

Find out more about elections under the new University of Sydney Governance of Faculties and University Schools Rule 2016.
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Keep up to date with important info
  • The University of Sydney will implement all recommendations of the Respect. Now. Always. report, released last Tuesday by the Australian Human Rights Commission and Universities Australia. “The report today confirms the seriousness of this problem. While work has begun, there is more we can do,” said Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence.
  • Need to access your student admin on the go? Sydney Student is now mobile friendly! Use the Sydney Uni app to easily update your details, change your enrolment and more. Download it now on Android or iPhone.
  • If you wish to transfer degrees in 2018, and your course is not an allowable course transfer (visible in Sydney Student) you will need to make an internal course application directly to the University (not through UAC). Applications are now open – find out more.
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