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31 July 2017
Back in the game
Welcome back for Semester 2! We hope you had an epic break, and are ready to take your study to the next level this semester. Speaking of levels, don’t forget to check out our eight-bit ‘Welcome back’ video and max out your student EXP at ODay today. 

Safety and support on campus
As everyone returns to campus for a new semester, it’s important to know what to do in an emergency situation and where to turn for help and support. We’re committed to fostering a safe and inclusive campus environment, and a respectful and supportive community. Before you get into the swing of things, make sure you take a moment to refresh:
Don’t forget that our 1800 SYD HLP (793 457) helpline can immediately connect you to campus security, complaints handling staff, support services, and local 24/7 rape, sexual assault and domestic violence services.
Connect with employers at our Careers Fair
The Graduate Jobs and Internships Fair is only a few days away, on 3 August – head to our new and improved careers website to register now. In preparation, read up on the seven best ways to impress on the day.
5 cool innovations happening here
Did you know dogs can get dementia? But don’t worry, our researchers are finding creative ways to help our canine friends! Ahead of Innovation Week (14 to 18 August), we checked in with our researchers to uncover five of the most creative approaches to research on campus.

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Study Hub
Enhance your skills, build your future
  • Don’t lose easy marks for incorrect referencing or accidental plagiarism. If you’re not sure, look up your faculty’s referencing guide, ask your lecturer for advice or complete the Academic Honesty Education Module.
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Life outside the classroom

  • Don’t forget to visit the Quad today and snap a selfie with our new jacaranda and flame tree (using our Snapchat filter, of course). 
  • Applications for the Bradfield Scholarship close soon – to apply, you just need to submit a 1000-word response to the topic ‘supporting the boom’ before 13 August.

  • You’re invited to celebrate and hear the views of six prominent journalists as they are awarded honorary degrees. In an era of digital disruption, alternative facts and fake news, the role of high-quality journalism has never been more important. Join us this Saturday 5 August as we honour Geraldine Doogue AO, Sarah Ferguson, Michelle Grattan, Caroline Jones AO, Ray Martin AM and Laurie Oakes for their professional leadership and contribution to public life.
  • Interested in representing your faculty or University school in the upcoming elections? Nominations open next Monday 7 August, and for the first time students can self nominate. Next week keep your eye out for more information on the website about how to get involved.
  • We've got two $500 Co-op vouchers looking for a good home. All we’re asking is for undergraduate students to complete a quick survey about our new names for degrees, and one of them could be yours!
Dates for your diary
  • 31 July Sydney Ideas – Films of Mohamed Al-Daradji
  • 2 August Sydney Ideas – The thinker’s guide to the 21st century
  • 3 August Sydney Ideas – Letters from Baghdad film screening
  • 3 August Verge Gallery – Down the barrel: indigenous resistance
  • 4 August Sydney Ideas – Space, social conflict, and the future of urban society
  • 7 August Sydney Ideas – Meditations on mortality, sorrow and lament
  • 7 August Sydney Ideas – Christina Lamb in conversation
  • 8 August Sydney Science Festival – (Science + Quiz) = Comedy
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Research Hub
Academics making waves

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Keep up to date with important info

  • The University is rolling out Epigeum's Consent Matters online education module for all students to complete. Developed by a collaboration of academics based in the UK and Australia, the online consent module has been designed to help you understand sexual consent, respect, good communication and positive intervention. Register and complete Consent Matters online now.
  • IT security advice: we've been made aware of a service known as QPay, an unaffiliated service that asks students to register with their UniKey and password. This has since been corrected, however, if you have signed up with your UniKey and password, please reset your UniKey password immediately. Your UniKey password should always remain unique to your UniKey account, and not be shared with other accounts.
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