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13 June
What does your music taste say about your study habits?
Why does music and sound help us get into the flow when it’s time to knuckle down on an assignment or get deep into a study session? We spoke to Professor David Alais from the School of Psychology to uncover the science behind music and the mind, and what your go-to grooves say about you.
If you could give a TEDx talk...
Everyone’s an expert in something. Ahead of this Friday’s TEDxSydney, we roamed campus to find out what you could talk about with absolute authority, if you got up on stage. From politics to Vegemite combinations, our students have quite mixed expertise. While the main event is sold-out, you can see all the talks live at our exclusive Manning Bar satellite screening event.
6 steps to better health for men
It’s not only STUVAC, but also Men’s Health Week this week. Read up on six easy things you can do to take better care of your physical and mental health.
Unwrapping mummy myths
The legend of the mummy has captivated our imaginations for centuries, but how much truth is there to it? Before you watch Tom Cruise battle one in the latest Mummy movie, bone up on the real-life myths with our quick explainer. 
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Life outside the classroom

  • Showcase your talent and win a share of $10,000 worth of prizes in the inaugural USU Creative Awards.

  • USYD Update, Sydney Uni’s student-run independent media outlet is recruiting! Apply now to join the team in editorial, marketing, production and/or post-production. Deadline closes 16 June at 11.59pm.

  • Is your band awesome and undiscovered? Rockin’ the Puburbs is your chance to win a headlining tour of NSW pubs worth up to $15,000. Enter now.

  • Our Charles Perkins Centre writer-in-residence Charlotte Wood and playwright Alana Valentine have won awards for their fiction… but have they also prevented disease? Discover how authors and scientists can work together at a free VIVID ideas talk on 22 June.

  • The fight against terrorism is more important than ever. Find out about prospects for reconciliation in Iraq and how victims of ISIS can seek justice at a special Sydney Ideas talk hosted by Belkis Wille.

  • Film buffs, get your discounted tickets for the Sydney Film Festival. This year, the film festival is also bringing you the best in VR filmmaking
Dates for your diary

13 June
Train smarter with Nike women
16 June TEDxSydney satellite event at Manning Bar
15 June Sydney Ideas – Abuses in the fight against ISIS
19 June First day of exams
20 June Sydney Ideas – Turning urban
21 June Sydney Ideas – That’s what she said: women in politics
22 June Outside the Square: Is this working?
26 June Sydney Ideas – What matters in social change? The uncertain significance of caring
1 July Last day of exams and the end of semester
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Keep up to date with important info

  • Make sure you’re ready for exams. Double-check your timetable to ensure there are no last-minute venue or seating changes, and if you intend to bring a non-programmable calculator to your exam, make sure you have it checked at the Student Centre beforehand. Good luck!

  • Emergencies can occur at any time for a variety of reasons. Review our procedures to make sure you know what to do in the event of an unpredictable event on campus, such as a lockdown or an armed attack. 

  • Financial stresses affecting your study? You may be eligible for a bursary or interest-free loan.

  • The 2018 QS World University Rankings have been released, placing the University once again in the top 50 universities in the world.
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