Student News
1 May
Alumni changing the world
Changing the world might seem like an impossible feat, but our Alumni Award winners have shown dreams can become reality. Annabelle Chauncy now operates three schools in Uganda, while mathematics teacher Eddie Woo has thousands of subscribers to his educational video channel: Wootube. Common to their stories are three simple steps that show anyone can make a difference. 
Airbnb, rent and you
Short-term accommodation has taken over New York, London, Berlin, Barcelona and San Francisco and now it’s gripping Australia. Will this make housing even more unaffordable in high-demand suburbs and what is the government doing about it? Our experts weigh in.
Sydney Uni joins the space race
The University of Sydney has blasted into space, with Professor Iver Cairns helping to launch INSPIRE-2, a series of cube satellites to help us find out about the Earth’s upper atmosphere and space weather. Meanwhile, the galactic dreams of two students are also taking off, as they have been selected to work at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.
What causes extremism?
Extremists have no single race, religion, gender or age. So what drives someone to commit acts of extreme violence? Counter-radicalisation expert Hussain Nadim explains.
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Life outside the classroom

  • Discussing female empowerment through farming and social enterprise, inspiring educator Chido Govera will speak at a special Sydney Ideas event on 2 May.

  • Eurovision is one of the longest running and most watched television events in the world. What political insights can we take away from the competition and why exactly is Australia competing? Find out at Eurovision and the European Project.

  • Help Vivid light up the city as a volunteer at the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas. Apply by 12 May.

  • Speaking of illumination, get LITup at USU’s Lights on Party with glow painting stations and glow sticks. Music by Jesable, The Faders, Mike Champion and student DJ comp finalists.

Dates for your diary

2 May Sydney Ideas – Chido Govera
2 May Great Hall Concert: Saxophone Orchestra
2 May Free English Workshop: Aussie love and dating 
3 May Sydney Ideas – Views of Nature
3 May Sydney Ideas – Bad Bugs and Bad Drugs
8 May Sydney Ideas – Health Literacy in Diverse Communities
9 May Sydney Ideas – Eurovision and the European Project
10 May Sydney Ideas – Pain: a symptom or a disease?
11 May Sydney Uni Revue 
16 May Sydney Ideas – The Time Travelling Brain
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Keep up to date with important info
  • Are you a health sciences, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry or science student? From today, faculty-based student admin services counters will close, so please direct all your student admin queries to the Student Centre on Level 3, JFR, on the website or via 1800 SYD UNI (793 864). 

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