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9 May 2016
Rug up for Winter School
Fancy the idea of wearing Ugg boots to Uni, collecting your hot chocolate from queue-less cafes and having your pick of study spots on campus? Taking a Winter School subject is the cosiest way to reduce your study load in coming semesters or catch up on a failed subject. Applications open 11 May.
Former sparky has Sydney buzzing
Engineering student Aaron Ramsden has proven that it’s never too late to change your career path. Aaron worked for six years as an electrician before deciding to pursue his academic passions through a Bachelor of Engineering. Not only did Aaron swap tools for textbooks, he’s gone on to attain first class honours and a University Medal – an incredible achievement! Could honours be your path to success too? Check it out.
Invest in your future
While you might be eager to get into the workforce after you graduate, staying at uni for a few more years can be a wise career move. By this stage, you are likely to have a better idea of your real gifts and interests than you did at the end of high school. Postgraduate study adds new or more specialised knowledge to your qualification. It could also earn you a higher salary. As a recent Australian report shows, postgraduate salaries are higher than the equivalent salaries for bachelor degree graduates in every employment sector.

Join us on 18 May at our Postgraduate Information Evening to find out where postgraduate study could take you.
Return of the revues
If you’re not sure what exactly a revue is, what better way to get introduced to this weird and whacky phenomenon than with the Sydney Uni Revue? Compiling the best bits of the 2015 revue season, Sydney Uni Revue is a killer comedy show with an all-star cast. Head over to the Seymour Centre on 12 and 13 May to laugh so hard you cry into your pack of ‘new and improved’ BBQ Shapes. Buy tickets now.
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Koalas, iguanas, and awards, oh my!
The staff and students at the Avian, Reptile and Exotic Pet Hospital on our Camden campus are doing some toadally awesome things. Check out their Facebook page to see some of the work they do while getting their koalafications, and try not to get too clucky over the adorable animals snaps. The hospital is also a finalist in the Camden Wollondilly Local Business Awards.
Sydney Writers' Festival
Sydney Uni is helping to bring some of the world’s best writers and thinkers to the public stage at the Sydney Writers' Festival. From 16-22 May, you can attend talks both on campus and at Walsh Bay, and be part of the discussion of some of the world’s brightest ideas.
TEDx comes to Sydney
TEDx is coming to Sydney, and some of the action is happening right here. Stop by the Law Lawns on Wednesday 25 May for our free Satellite event, where we’ll be streaming live TEDx Sydney from the Opera House and handing out free coffee.
  • Find out how International Chinese students are uniquely positioned to succeed in the global marketplace at a free seminar on 11 May.
Get involved
  • The brain can do some incredible things. Come along on 1 June to hear medical and scientific researchers talk about how the brain can ‘rewire’ itself in response to experience, disease or injury.
  • On 27 May, as part of Reconciliation Week, Indigenous musicians and researchers will be speaking about the role of music in contemporary Indigenous identities. Find out more, and follow the Reconciliation Week events at #NRW2016 on Twitter.
  • You’ve probably seen the USU Board candidates out and about on Eastern Ave. Make your call about who deserves to be on the board by grilling them on their policies on 10 May at 12.45pm at Manning Bar.
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10 May USU Election Soapbox
10 May Fulbright information session
10 May What the heck is going on with the US election? Fulbright NSW public lecture 
10 May Sydney Ideas – Warwick Holmes 
10 May Sydney Ideas – A Drop in the Ocean: how did a seascape make waves in China and beyond? 
11 May Confucius Institute: Career Development Seminar – succeeding in the global marketplace 
12 May Sydney Ideas – Turkey Under the AKP 
12 May 2016 Sydney Uni Revue
13 May Exam timetables released on Sydney Student
17 May Sydney Ideas – Defending the Aussie Mozzie
18 May Postgraduate Information Evening
18 May Sydney Ideas Small Change Series – Plastic Water

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