A Shared Research Agenda
China in the Urban Age: a multidisciplinary approach

How to choose a theme for a Centre that intends to organise but not direct, connect but not predefine, the new ideas that can emerge from the interaction of a diverse membership? A thematic concentration of some of our resources is a way to suggest problems that need to be addressed and by definition cannot be the object of a single gaze. A theme can also reveal unrecognised links, and stimulate not only new answers but also new, original questions.

“China in the Urban Age” is a theme comprehensive enough to touch the research interests of many around this wide community of knowledge:

1) Almost every aspect that interests the sciences, social sciences and humanities encounters urbanisation as a goal or a challenge: better, more secure, more equal, more efficient, more culturally grounded, altogether more sustainable.

2) Nowhere in the modern world has the phenomenon of territorial and social transformation been more rapid, comprehensive and all‐encompassing than in China.

3) While disciplines tend to advance their own concerns in isolation, there is increasingly the need for a hub connecting diverse findings, languages and questions.

The China Studies Centre welcomes you to a relaxed discussion on how this idea relates to you, your discipline and your research. Luigi will briefly present the theme and ask three colleagues - Tony Capon from the Planetary Health Platform, Robyn Dowling from the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning, and Phil McManus from the School of Geosciences - to react and open a conversation on how we can best engage with the challenges of the urban age. There will be time for networking and refreshments before and after the discussion.

15 May 2018
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Seminar Room, Office of Global Engagement (entrance via Science Road)
John Woolley Building, the University of Sydney (MAP)
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