Sydney Health Ethics "Conversation"
Next week (16 Aug): Caroline Lenette

In next week's Sydney Health Ethics "Conversation" we will be welcoming Caroline Lenette from the School of Social Sciences at UNSW. Please come and join in the discussion.

Session: Thursday 16 August, 2018, 12-1pm, Sydney Health Ethics, Level 2 meeting room (#5211), Medical Foundation Bldg

Title: Lessons from the trenches: Institutional ethics and participatory research methods

Abstract:  The mere mention of ethics boards can generate impassioned responses about the ‘ethics police’, especially from those researchers who undertake participatory research. While it is not unreasonable for ethics boards to require detailed strategies that ensure research projects do not yield foreseeable risks, researchers using participatory methods often have to work much harder to receive clearance. There is a wide perception that ethics boards seem to favour ‘cut and dry’ rules instead of supporting people to exercise good judgement.

Of course, participatory research approaches can present challenges to pre-established policies around ethical research practices. But do institutional ethics processes interfere and overly shape research designs in ways that prevent innovation?

Come and share your stories from the trenches – and your strategies: how can we tackle ethics review processes more effectively without compromising on our research approach?

Bio:  Caroline is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Social Sciences at UNSW. Her work focuses on arts-based methods in collaborative and participatory research promoting the mental health and wellbeing of people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds, particularly resettled refugee women. Caroline is interested in the socio-cultural meanings that people articulate about their own wellbeing through creative means like digital storytelling, photography, short films, and music. 

Sydney Health Ethics “Conversation" 2018: COMING UP...

Please see below for the current schedule of upcoming speakers. If you would like to reserve one of the available sessions below, please get in touch.  

Semester 2
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