Sydney Health Ethics "Conversation"
Next week (15 March): Astrid Ley
In the next Sydney Health Ethics "Conversation" we will be welcoming Astrid Ley from Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial, Germany.  Please come and join in the discussion.

Session: Thursday 15 March, 2018, 12-1pm, Sydney Health Ethics, Level 2 meeting room (#5211), Medical Foundation Bldg

Title: Inmate physicians in Nazi concentration camps: scope for action available to them, and dilemmas they faced

  Inmate physicians were Jewish and non-Jewish doctors who had been deported to concentration camps and assigned to work in medical facilities there. This put them in an inherently difficult position. Because of permanent shortages in the camps, inmate physicians were also forced to treat too many patients with too few resources. Patients unable to recover within a short time were "selected" for death. Inmate physicians were forced to participate in these activities, too. All in all, they were faced with a profound moral dilemma regarding their official duties in the camp.

It is this dilemma that will be the focus of my talk. How did inmate physicians deal with the fact that ultimately they could not serve as doctors in the concentration camp without violating humanitarian principles and the standards of medical ethics? How did they choose who among the sick could receive treatment? Did they refuse to comply with orders to participate in selections or even experiments?

Bio: Astrid Ley, PhD, is a historian and historian of medicine. She is working as head scientist and exhibition curator at the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial near Berlin (Germany).

Dr Ley is visiting Australia as a guest of Sydney Health Ethics and this "Conversation" is one of a number of events she is involved with next week on a wide range of topics. Her visit coincides with the presentation of the exhibition "registered, persecuted, annihiliated: The sick and disabled under National Socialism".  The exhibition is hosted by the Sydney Jewish Museum in partnership with Sydney Health Ethics. For more information on the exhibition and other events in March, visit: http://sydney.edu.au/medicine/sydney-health-ethics/news/index.php

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