TELSTRA Student Placements in Semester 1 2018
Earn credit while undertaking a placement in your final year

Exclusive opportunity to intern at Telstra in semester 1 2018 and earn 6 credit points.


Are you nearing the final stages of your Arts degree with a major in Philosophy and would like to apply your unique skillset to deliver real-world outcomes while earning credit towards your degree? Would you like to gain new skills, work in a leading Australian company and build your CV before leaving Uni? An opportunity has arisen for students to undertake a 3000 level Unit of Study while undertaking a student placement with Telstra Corporation.

Telstra Corporation Ltd. is an Australian telecommunications and media company which builds and operates telecommunications networks and markets voice, mobile, internet access, pay television and other entertainment products and services.

We are accepting applications from students who are interested in being involved in these projects in Semester 1 2018.


Project 1 - Products Anthropology Research Internship

Mission: Telstra’s Product Innovation Design Team provides a human-centred approach to research and design to improve and simplify the experience customers have with Telstra by understanding customer needs and expectorations thereby transforming how we launch new products and service to market.

Purpose of Position: The intern’s role is designed to provide input into understanding customer needs and behaviours by conducting ethnographic and desktop research, as well as collating, synthesising and analysing existing research, and documenting relevant insights and trends.

The intern will ensure that all research – both ethnographic and desktop – outputs are considered, and that the resulting analyses are informative, coherent and cohesive. The outputs are likely to lead to recommendations into addressing customer needs and business objectives.

The ultimate goal of the research is to understand trends in customer needs, behaviours and preferences to help solve problems and/or define new solutions.

Outcomes: The intern is expected to work closely with the Design Manager and other team members, taking direction where required, and acting independently to complete assigned research tasks.

The role will involve:

  • Conducting ethnographic research as required
  • Conducting desktop research – e.g. competitor analysis and statistics
  • Deciphers, synthesises and analyses large volumes of past and present customer research into trends, insights, recommendations and opportunities
  • Preparing and delivering a concise written report on the research outcomes
  • Presenting or co-presenting the research outcomes and recommendations

Personal Attributes required:


  • Collaborative, team player
  • Self-motivated, entrepreneurial
  • “Out-of-the-box” thinking that drives innovation
  • Ability to “see around corners” and “connect the dots” to proactively drive business, not just respond to it
  • Embrace and champion change
  • Resilient and Agile
  • Customer obsessed/inquisitive


  • Basic to good understanding of the Microsoft Office suite, particularly PowerPoint, Word and Excel
  • Proven practical experience in ethnographic, desktop and/or market research considered an advantage
  • Experience in delivering written and spoken research outputs

Project 2 - Assistant Product Manager

Mission: This role is within the Telstra Fixed Devices team which is responsible for launching customer centric Broadband devices that help make Telstra the leading destination for Broadband in Australia.

Purpose of Position: You will assist the Product Manager with the end-to-end delivery of an innovative new Wi-Fi solution to market by leading all the marketing and go to market activities to ensure the project objectives and other success criteria are achieved.

The key purpose is to understand how to make our devices easy to set up, sell and for the customer to understand the benefits and to communicate this to our sales channels.


  • Successful on time launch of new Wi-Fi solution
  • Completion of fresh and compelling marketing content to highlight key product features
Focusing on the product launch next year, the role will involve:
  • Items feeding into a launch plan of an innovative, new Wi-Fi product
  • Interacting with Brand & Marketing teams in developing the sales experience of the product
    • Focusing specifically on creating a world class out-of-box experience
    • Creation of customer content such as support/marketing videos
    • In store visual merchandising concepts
    • Ensuring all online content is updated and provides customers with the right information to make an informed decision
  • Assist with leading go-to-market content to be used for Sales/Online and Contact Centre training
  • Assist with coordinating business forecast volumes to Supply Chain team
  • Assist with Business Case compilation and endorsement to launch.

Personal Attributes required:


  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office suite


  • Creative flair to create unique video concepts to communicate device benefits
  • Drive to excite customers through compelling communication pieces or marketing content
We recommend you go to the Careers Centre website for advice on writing a strong application, including writing compelling cover letters and CVs.


Apply online by uploading your current transcript, CV and a cover letter

To be competitive for these placements, you should be a third-year student with a credit average or better in your Philosophy units of study.

Your cover letter should provide your contact details and explain in up to 300 words:

  • Why you are a suitable student to undertake a placement at Telstra
  • How you hope to benefit from the placement

Your application must be received by 9:00AM on MONDAY 4 DECEMBER 2017.

As this is the competitive process students who are shortlisted must be available in December for an interview.