Department of Classics and Ancient History
2018 Ritchie Lecture with Professor Simon Goldhill
Antigone and the Autocrats

Professor Simon Goldhill, Cambridge University 

There is no play from antiquity which has had a more significant impact on the discourse of autocracy than the Antigone, especially since the hugely influential arguments of Hegel. This paper suggests that the  play's understanding of autocracy has been systematically misunderstood in 20th and 21st century criticism – including my own! – and suggests a different way of understanding the drama's dynamics. This very discussion will open out into a debate about how feminism and other contemporary political readings of the play are complicit with a misguided notion of heroism at the heart of the discourse of autocracy and its resistance.

Thursday 26 July 2018

Eastern Avenue Auditorium
Building F19
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The lecture will be followed by a reception at CCANESA.
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