School of Physics update
16 March 2017
School of Physics update
March 2017
Professor Trevor Hambley, Emeritus Professor Anne Green and Professor Tim Bedding, in attendance at Anne's retirement event in the Sydney Nanoscience Hub.
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Staff News
The School of Physics welcomes the following new staff members:
  • Dr Tristram Alexander, Senior Lecturer, IPOS
  • Dr Maja Cassidy, Westpac Research Fellow, Quantum
  • Dr Xiao Gao, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Complex Systems
  • Dr Jacinda Ginges, Research Fellow, Quantum
  • Dr Kamil Korzekway, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Quantum
  • Dr Alpha Mastrano, Postdoctoral Research Associate, SIfA
  • Dr Robert Wolf, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Quantum
  • Ms Deborah Young, Physics Reception
We say farewell and offer our thanks and best wishes to the following members of staff:
  • Dr Goncalo Borges (now with ICT)
  • Dr Chris Ferrie (now at UTS)
  • Ms Alexis George (now at Microsoft)
  • Dr Jan Hamann (now at UNSW)
  • Dr Daniel Huber (now at the University of Hawaii)
  • Dr Kristian McDonald
  • Dr Anthony Morley (now at CERN)
  • Mrs Chindy Praseuthsouk (now at Macquarie Law School)
  • Dr Marco Tomamichel (now at UTS)
Congratulations to Anne Green on her retirement after a long and distinguished University career, including a term as the first female Head of School of Physics. Anne's achievements have been recognised by the University Senate with the conferment of the title of Professor Emeritus. Anne will continue her research and other associations with the School, as she was recently elected President of the University of Sydney Physics Foundation.

Nathan Apps accepted a secondment as Project Manager, Australian Centre
for Field Robotics in the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic

Diana Sun has returned to the position of Research Administration Coordinator after taking parental leave in 2016.

Mr Gabriel Nguyen has returned to his PhD program with SUPER after completing his secondment as the School's Science Communicator.

Congratulations to Archil Kobakhidze and Bruce Yabsley who were recently promoted to Associate Professor, and to Mike Biercuk and Manju Sharma who were promoted to Professor.  

Management roles

Associate Professor John O'Byrne has stepped down as the School's Associate Head (Teaching & Learning). John will continue his role as Associate Dean (Education) in the Faculty of Science.  

Associate Professor Mike Wheatland has taken over the role – in line with the new University convention, Mike's title will be Associate Head (Education).

Professor Simon Fleming has been appointed as Academic Director of the RPF (Research Prototype Foundry) in the Sydney Nanoscience Hub.

Dr Sergio Leon-Saval is taking over from Professor Simon Fleming as Coordinator of the Senior Physics Laboratory.  

Congratulations to Dr Stefano Palomba and Associate Professor Steve Flammia, who have been appointed as AINST Domain Leaders in the areas of Nanophotonics and Quantum Science, respectively.

Mr Ralf Wilson has taken over from Nathan Apps as Chief Fire Warden.
Research News
NHMRC Grant Success
Congratulations to Professor Annette Haworth who was awarded a NHMRC project grant of $753,565 over four years. Annette is lead CI on the project titled Biofocussed prostate cancer RadioTherapy (BiRT): A personalised approach to delivering the right dose to the right place.

SREI 2020 Grant Success
Congratulations to Dr Sergio Leon-Saval who was one of 21 University researchers awarded funding in the new Sydney Research Excellence Initiative - SREI 2020. This program helps Sydney researchers test new ideas, push disciplinary boundaries and identify ways to scale up their research. Sergio's project title is Developing farm robots with photonic sensors that detect deadly bacteria on food.

2017 Australia-Harvard Fellowship
Congratulations to Professor Zdenka Kuncic who has been awarded the 2017 Harvard-Australia Fellowship. Zdenka will be travelling to Boston in August and September to work with Dr Georges El Fakhri from Harvard Medical School, director of the Gordon Center for Medical Imaging. Their research will look at the use of magnetic nanoparticles to provide vital information for the detection and imaging of cancer cells.

Miller Fellowship
Congratulations to Professor Joss Bland-Hawthorn who has been awarded a visiting Miller Professorship to work at the University of California Berkeley.

The Miller Institute funds short term appointments to eminent scientists to foster collaboration with national and international research programs. Joss will work with colleagues over a three month period at the start of 2018 at one of the most pre-eminent departments in world astronomy.

New Director of Australian Institute of Nanoscience and Technology

Congratulations to Dr Susan Pond on her appointment as Director of 
AINST. Susan is also a Council member of the University of Sydney Physics Foundation.
Awards and Prizes
Pleiades Awards
The School of Physics and Sydney Institute for Astronomy (SIfA) have been awarded a Silver Pleiades for ongoing efforts and initiatives addressing the issues of equity, access and diversity.

Congratulations to the ARC Centre for All-sky Astrophysics (CAASTRO) who were awarded a Gold Pleiades.

Optical Society Esther Hoffman Beller Medal

Congratulations to Professor Martijn de Sterke on being awarded the prestigious Esther Hoffman Beller Medal by The Optical Society (OSA). This medal recognises outstanding contributions to optical science and engineering education. The OSA recognised Martijn for his far-reaching and diverse contributions to optics and photonics education through exceptional dedication to classroom teaching, visits to OSA student chapters, outstanding PhD student advising and a sustained commitment to outreach activities.

Walter Boas Medal
Congratulations to Professor Geraint Lewis on being awarded the prestigious Walter Boas Medal of the Australian Institute of Physics. The medal award is for physics research carried out in the five years prior to the date of the award.  

Member of the Order of Australia
Mr Albert Wong, past President of the University of Sydney Physics Foundation, was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for significant service to the community, particularly to medical research organisations, to the tertiary education sector, and to the visual arts.
Dame Athene Donald to give the Dr Peter Domachuk Memorial Lecture
The Institute of Photonics and Optical Science (IPOS) and the School of Physics invite you to attend the Dr Peter Domachuk Memorial Lecture given by Dame Athene Donald of Cambridge University on Tuesday 4 April 2017 at 5:45pm in the Professor Messel Lecture Theatre, Sydney Nanoscience Hub. Registrations are essential.

This memorial lecture series was established in honour of Dr Peter Domachuk's outstanding contribution and commitment to optofluidics and biophotonics research.

This is Dame Donald's first visit to Australia, so don't miss the chance to see her live. Please see the IPOS event webpage for more details.

Safety Communication
Use of Riskware
Riskware is the University platform for recording accidents, hazards and near misses. This is for the purpose of having clear and timely records, and to develop action plans to eliminate or reduce the likelihood of accidents.
It is mandatory that all incidents are recorded in Riskware as close as reasonably possible to the time that the incident occurred or hazard observed. Note that Honours or HDR students cannot access Riskware directly, so supervisors are required to fill out details on their behalf.
Supervisors who have been assigned the task of investigating an incident and developing an action plan by Riskware, should do so in a reasonable time. The University standard is within 7 days.
Safety Induction of Visitors and Specialist Service Providers
The safety of visitors to any building is the responsibility of the person(s) who has invited the visitor, in the first instance.
There will be occurrences from time to time where specialist service providers are directly requested to service, or install and commission equipment in a lab. For A28 labs, please ensure that the technician signs the contractor log at the A28 Service desk, where the technician will be given a brief building safety induction by the Physics Technical Team.
Purchase of Capital and/or potentially hazardous equipment
It is important to assess potential Safety Risks when purchasing capital or potentially hazardous equipment.
Please contact the School Technical Manager, David Beech, for assistance with any of the safety communications.
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