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September 2015
Everything Political lists all events of political interest in Sydney: both on and off campus and hosted by SDN, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the University of Sydney or other Sydney organisations. Please contact if you would like to list an event in next month's newsletter.
Democracy Futures | Food Democracy
Monday 7 September 2015 12:30-2:00pm 
Muniment Room S401, Lobby B, Quadrangle, University of Sydney

In this seminar, Dr Alana Mann will draw on John Dewey's vision of radical democracy to argue that the intervention of politicised 'food publics' is essential to the transformation of a broken system. This requires citizens to organise in diverse associations and broader transnational coalitions based on shared experiences of the adverse effects of global foodways, and to demand political and economic institutions that address these effects.
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Democracy Futures | Fragile Democracies, Volatile Politics and the Quest for a Free Media
Wednesday 16 September 2015 12:30-2:00pm 
Room 148, RC Mills Building, University of Sydney

A free media system independent of political interference is vital for democracy, and yet politicians in different parts of the world try to control information flows. Young and emerging democracies are particularly vulnerable to media capture by political and corporate interests because of their fragile institutions, polarized civil society, and transnational economic pressures. However, as the case of Silvio Berlusconi plainly shows, manipulation of the media is also possible in well-established democracies. In this seminar, Professor Jan Zielonka from the University of Oxford will analyse the relationship between the media and politics from both theoretical and empirical angles.
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A Global Climate Deal in 2016: What are the chances? What are the implications?
Wednesday 23 September 2015 6:30-8:15 pm
Charles Perkins Centre Auditorium, John Hopkins Drive, University of Sydney

In just three months, for two weeks at the beginning of December, world leaders and climate negotiators will meet at COP 21 Paris to agree the parameters of a new global climate treaty. What are the chances of success in Paris compared to previous efforts at agreement? How might we assess the meeting?

What would ‘success’ entail, and what implications might this have for domestic policy, existing fossil fuel infrastructure, and future investment in emissions reduction?

We invite you to an evening of provocative insight and discussion focusing on humanity’s response to the global climate problem.

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Thursday 3 September
China Studies Centre | China's Worldview in Foreign Policy

Speaker: Merriden Varrall

Saturday 5-6 September
Sydney Opera House | Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2015

Speakers: Naomi Klein and other 33 speakers

Monday 7 September
SDN Democracy Futures | Food Democracy
Speaker: Alana Mann

Tuesday 8 September

AIIA NSW | Economic Management of the EU in the Present Financial Crisis

Speaker: Robert Mezyk

The Ethics Centre | IQ2 Debate: chastity will save the 21st century
Speakers: Scott Stephens, Imogen Bailey, Justin Hamilton, Rob Brooks, Nikki Goldstein and Alex Lee

Thursday 10 September
China Studies Centre | Can Xi Jinping's Reform Be Implemented? Let's Look at China's Fiscal Architecture
Speaker: Christine Wong

Sydney Ideas | Australia and Brazil: 70 years of bilateral relations
Speaker: Rubem Corrêa Barbosa

Friday 11 September
Lowy Institute | Celebrating 40 Years of Papua New Guinea's Independence
Speakers: Jeffry Feeger, Allan Bird, Serena Sumanop and Sean Dorney

Tuesday 15 September
AIIA NSW | South China Sea: the strategic implications of China's artificial islands
Speaker: Carlyle A. Thayer

Wednesday 16 September
SDN Democracy Futures | Fragile Democracies, Volatile Politics and the Quest for a Free Media

Speaker: Jan Zielonka

Sydney Ideas | Adding Women and Stirring in Immigration History
Speakers: Evelyn Hu-Dehart and Sophie Loy-Wilson

Global Social Justice NetworkCareers in Human Rights, Development and Peace: panel session
Speakers: Grace Nicholas, Ngila Bevan, Lisa Townshend, Sinead Hartnet, Lisa Townshend and Daniel Escobar

Thursday 17 September
China Studies Centre | Comrade Ambassador
Speaker: Stephen FitzGerald

Friday 18 September
Sydney Ideas | The Shrinking Space for Freedom of Expression in South Asia
Speaker: Meenakshi Ganguly

Institute for Social Justice | Book Launch: Religious Secularity – A Theological Challenge to the Islamic State
Speaker: Naser Ghobadzadeh

Monday 21 September
Sydney Southeast Asia Centre | Land Issues and Social Movements in Jokowi's Indonesia
Speakers: Chip Fay, Arianto Sangaji and Laksmi Savitri

Tuesday 22 September
AIIA NSW | How Free Is the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement?
Speaker: Patricia Ranald

Wednesday 23 September
History @ UWS | Third Annual Europe Lecture: Can the European Union defend Ukraine?
Speaker: Jan Zielonka

Sydney Ideas, SEI and SDN | A Global Climate Deal in 2016: What are the changes? What are the implications?
Speaker: Tim Flannery | Panellists: Nikola Casule, Robyn Eckersley and Emma Herd
Thursday 24 September
China Studies Centre | Moon Festival
Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney

Lowy Institute | In Conversation with Martin Indyk
Speaker: Martin Indyk

Monday 28 September
Sydney Ideas | Politics, Human Rights and the Art of Commemoration of the Americas
Speaker: Katherine Hite

Social Policy Research Centre | Australia Social Policy Conference
28 - 30 September 2015 at the University of New South Wales

Tuesday 29 September
Sydney Ideas | Women in Leadership: Why aren't we there yet? The forward agenda for change
Speakers: Elizabeth Broderick, Rae Cooper, Sara Watts, Shane Houston, Dalton Fogarty, Nina Khoury, Renae Ryan and Michael Spence

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SDN News
What Chance Success in Paris? In Dialogue with Connie Hedegaard
On 24 August 2015, SDN held a dialogue on the dynamics prior to COP 21 in Paris with Connie Hedegaard, former European Commissioner for Climate Action, on campus at the University of Sydney.

A transcript of the dialogue will soon be published on The Conversation.
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