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September 2017
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Festival of Democracy 2017
Rob Wijnberg De Correspondent
Lenore Taylor Guardian Australia
Luke Pearson IndigenousX 
Professor Peter Fray UTS  
Dr Ramón Feenstra Universitat Jaume I de Castellón
Michelle Cooper Melbourne Zoo 
Dr Tamson Pietsch UTS
will all join forces with University of Sydney thinkers for #SDNFoD

 13-15 September 2017
Where: Camperdown Campus, University of Sydney
War and Democracy: Who Decides?
On 21 September International Day of Peace, SDN is pleased to host a public forum on war and democracy with the Australians for War Powers Reform.

In March 2003 the Howard Government involved Australia in an illegal invasion of Iraq.  The consequences of that war continue to be disastrous for the people of Iraq and the Middle East.  The Prime Minister was able to do this because in Australia the power to make that most grave decision, the commitment of the ADF into international armed conflict, rests with the Executive – often, in practice, the PM alone – rather than with the Parliament. Since 2014, further decisions for renewed military deployments in Iraq and in the bombing of Syria have been made, and in 2017 the crisis over North Korea further reinforces the dangers of such small group decision-making. Read more

Professor Gillian Triggs, Former President of the Australian Human Rights Commission
Paul Barratt AO, President of Australians for War Powers Reform, and former Secretary of the Department of Defence
Kellie Tranter, lawyer and activist

When: 6.00-8.00pm Thursday 21 September 2017
Where: General Lecture Theatre, The Quadrangle A14, University of Sydney
Please register here

Democracy Futures | Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution: the Religious Backlash
Buoyed by their triumphant revolution in 1979, Iranian Islamists promptly converted their popularity into efforts to eliminate all political opponents. Nearly four decades later, their monopoly of political power has enabled them to block the formation of an effective secular and/or anti-religious opposition. The main exception to this trend has been the Green Movement, which since 2009 has been fuelled by reformist religious discourse, rather than by non-religious ideologies. Although this movement has to date remained largely ineffectual, striking is the way it has been nourished by well-developed conceptual re-articulations of religion-state relations. Read more

Dr Naser Ghobadzadeh    

When: 12:30-2:00pm Wednesday 6 September 2017
Where: N480 Woolley Common Room, Level 4 John Woolley Building (A20), the University of Sydney
Light lunch will be provided, please register here for catering purposes.

Democracy Futures | The Maidan Revolution
On 21 November 2017, Ukraine will mark the fourth anniversary of the Euromaidan revolution. Almost four years ago people gathered in the main square of Kyiv under the flags of the European Union for democratic values and against the kleptocratic regime of then President Viktor Yanukovych. Three months later, over a hundred activists were killed, Crimea became part of the Russian Federation and eastern Ukraine was torn apart in the war. For the fourth anniversary of Euromaidan, Olga Oleinikova will discuss the three most significant political and social gains and three corresponding deficits for the democratic development of Ukraine after the Euromaidan revolution. The seminar will conclude with a discussion around Ukraine’s vision for its democratic future. Read more

Dr Olga Oleinikova

When: 12:30-2:00pm Wednesday 27 September 2017
Where: S226 MECO Seminar Room, John Woolley Building (A20) level 2, entry off Manning Road, the University of Sydney
Light lunch will be provided, please register here for catering purposes.

SDN on The Conversation
August 25, 2017
Was embracing the market a necessary evil for Labour and Labor?
Keshia JacotineMonash University

While both parties may have set out to modernise and renew their ideologies, the ALP's and Labour’s attempts to marry the old and new instead precipitated two separate identity crises.

August 14, 2017
The Madhouse Effect: this is how climate denial in Australia and the US compares
David SchlosbergUniversity of Sydney

While climate denialism impedes policymaking in both the US and Australia, there are key differences in their political and public cultures.

August 11, 2017
We frown on voters’ ambivalence about democracy, but they might just save it
Adele WebbUniversity of Sydney

Ambivalence among voters is reason to think about how democracy is working for us as a community. To keep democracy alive we need to be sceptical about the exercise of power and keep it in check.

August 4, 2017
Bottom of the canal: Pfizer’s billion-dollar tax ploy
Michael WestUniversity of Sydney

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has engaged in a series of paper transactions to create a A$936 million loss in Australia – effectively a billion-dollar exercise in avoiding tax.

August 2, 2017
More than ‘slacktivism’: we dismiss the power of politics online at our peril
Joel PenneyMontclair State University

Each individual act of posting, linking, commenting and liking may look insignificant up close, but they add up. There is enormous power here for mass persuasion, one viral share at a time.

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4 September | U.S. Bases and Australia's Foreign and Domestic Policy
Speaker: David Vine

6 September | Beyond Participation? The Media and Political Autonomy
Speaker: Peter Lunt

7 September | Wrongful Conviction and Truth
Speaker: Celine van Golde

8 September | The Continuing Fascination with Erving Goffman: Presentation & Face in Online Interaction

Speaker: Peter Lunt

21 September | The Socratic Web
Speaker: Shane Greenup

Friday 1 September 2017
Sydney Environment Institute | The Nexus of Life: Ecological Crisis and Creative Understanding
Speakers: Linda Connor, Thom van Dooren, Ute Eickelkamp, Luke Fischer, Monica Gagliano, Prudence Gibson, Sebastian Job, Harriet Johnson, Janet Laurence, Jadran Mimica, Peter Minter, Cat Moir, Libby Robin, Deborah Bird Rose and Dieter Sturm

Department of Peace and Conflict Studies | Beyond the Pacific: West Papua on the World Stage
Conference Facilitator: Ronny Kareni

Sydney Ideas | Feminism and Women's Political Activism in North Africa
Speakers: Fadma Ait Mous, Stephi Hemelryk Donald, Lucia Sorbera and Bronwyn Winter

Sydney Environment Institute | ‘Voicing the Earth’ – Poetry Reading and Musical Performance
Poets: Judith Beveridge, Michelle Cahill, David Malouf and Peter Minter

Tuesday 5 September 2017
The US Studies Centre | The Role of Militaries in Health Emergencies: After Ebola, Where Next?
Speakers: Adam Kamradt-Scott, David Knapp, Joseph Kowo and Louis Lillywhite

Sydney Ideas and Sydney Environment Institution | How Humans Made the Anthropocene Biosphere
Speaker: Mark Williams and Iain McCalman

Wednesday 6 September 2017
HARN | Ending Ill-treatment of People with Disability - Australian Ratification of the Optional Protocol and Its Implications for People with Disability
Speakers: Edward Santow, Rosemary Kayess, Bronwyn Naylor and Ngila Bevan

Democracy Futures | Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution: the Religious Backlash 
Speaker: Naser Ghobadzadeh

Department of Media and Communications | Beyond Participation? The Media and Political Autonomy
Speaker: Peter Lunt

China Studies Centre | Sydney Asian Art Series Lecture by Saloni Mathur - A Fragile Inheritance: Radical Stakes in Contemporary Indian Art
Speaker: Saloni Mathur

Thursday 7 September 2017
Department of Political Economy | The Political Economy of Autism
Speaker: Toby Rogers

Post-Truth Initiative | Wrongful Conviction and Truth
Speaker: Celine van Golde

Sydney Ideas | Geography of the World’s Plant Populations
Speaker: Yvonne Buckley 

The Ethics Centre | Ethics Taster
Speaker: Matthew Beard

Friday 8 September 2017
Sydney Environment Institution | The Food Waste Debate
Speakers: Costa Georgiadis, Sarah Penn, Ankit Chopra and Robbie Davis

Department of Media and Communications | The Continuing Fascination with Erving Goffman: Presentation & Face in Online Interaction
Speaker: Peter Lunt

Monday 11 September 2017
The Power Institute | A Free Talk by Creator, Filmmaker, Artist and USyd Graduate, Emily Dean
Speaker: Emily Dean

Tuesday 12 September 2017
AIIA NSW | Turkey’s Love-hate Relationship with the West
Speaker: Ihsan Yilmaz

Wednesday 13 September 2017
Sydney Ideas | Brexit and Otherness
Speaker: James Conroy 

Festival of Democracy | The Kidnapping of Democracy
Speaker: Ramón Feenstra

Festival of Democracy | For and Against Truth

Speakers: Colin Wight and John Keane

Festival of Democracy | Authoritarianism

Speakers: Vrasidas Karalis, Dirk Moses and Lucia Sorbera

The US Studies Centre | Trump, Brexit and the Future of Polling: USSC, YouGov and Annabel Crabb
Speakers: Annabel Crabb, Stephan Shakespeare and Simon Jackman

Sydney Environment Institute | Sandy Spaces
Speaker: Christopher Dickman

Thursday 14 September 2017
Department of Government & International Relations | The Costs of Pride: Results from the First Australian LGBTQI Activist Survey
Speakers: Christopher Pepin-Neff and Tom Wynter

Festival of Democracy | Growing Indigenous Media in a Changing Media Landscape
Speaker: Luke Pearson

Festival of Democracy | Broken News
Speaker: Rob Wijnberg 
Chaired by Peter Fray and Comments by Lenore Taylor 

China Studies Centre | How to Use and Translate Chinese Language Materials for Research and Dissemination to the Public?
Speakers: Linda Jaivin and Luigi Tomba

The US Studies Centre | Citizen Trump: Classical Hollywood in the Age of the Showbiz President
Speaker: Stephen Loosley

Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning | International Best Practice in Urban Planning
Speaker: Leslie Stein

Sydney Ideas | Gatekeeping Ab-original Journal Launch
Speakers: Jakelin Troy, Blak Douglas, Mick Adams and Adam Geczy

Friday 15 September 2017
Festival of Democracy | Rethinking Territory: an hour with Bruno Latour
Speaker: Tamson Pietsch

Festival of Democracy | A Heart in Nature: Evolution of a Man
Speakers: Chris Darwin, Michelle Cooper and Dinesh Wadiwel

Festival of Democracy | The Origin and Extinction of Species
Speakers: Michelle Cooper and Dinesh Wadiwel

Monday 18 September 2017
Lowy Institute | ANU Indonesia Update, Sydney Edition
Speakers: Tom Power, Raden Pardede, Mari Pangestu and Aaron L. Connelly

Department of Sociology & Social Policy | Migrant Maternal Home-building and Online Communities
Speaker: Leah Williams

Wednesday 20 September 2017
Globalisation and Governance Research Network | Experiences of Peacebuilding and Development in Practice
Speakers: Laura J. Shepherd, James Cox, Archie Law and Susanne Schmeidl

Thursday 21 September 2017
Department of Political Economy | The New "Gold Standard": Experimentatism, Behaviouralism and Marketisation for Development
Speaker: Sophie Webber

Sydney Democracy Network and the Australians for War Powers Reform | War and Democracy: Who Decides?
Speakers: Gillian Triggs, Paul Barratt, Kellie Tranter and John Keane

Post-Truth Initiative | The Socratic Web
Speaker: Shane Greenup

Globalisation and Governance Research Network | Dealing With Painful History to Create a Peaceful Present
Speakers: Laura J. Shepherd, James Cox, Kevin Clements and Michael G Smith

Monday 25 September 2017
China Studies Centre | 2017 Sydney China Business Forum
Moderated by Ticky Fullerton

Tuesday 26 September 2017
Department of Sociology & Social Policy | Social Transformation within and Beyond the Academy
Speakers: Greg Martin, Romand Coles, Claudia Tazrieta and Amanda Tattersall

Wednesday 27 September 2017
Centre for International Security Studies | War and the Politics of Ethics
Speaker: Maja Zehfuss

Democracy Futures | The Maidan Revolution
Speaker: Olga Oleinikova

Sydney Environment Institute | Renewable Reinvention – Global Green Shift?
Speakers: John Mathews, Emma Herd and Tony Vassallo 

Thursday 28 September 2017
The Ethics Centre | The Ethics of Protest
Speaker: Michael Salter

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