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October 2016
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Hong Kong and Mainland China: contested realities, future visions
Co-presented with Sydney Ideas and the China Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, and the Australian Institute of International Affairs (NSW)

Nearly twenty years since the transfer of sovereignty in 1997, Hong Kong faces formidable challenges, including growing disaffection among citizens who feel disappointed by presentday trends that are seen to contradict the substance and spirit of the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration.

What has changed in recent years in Hong Kong, and what has not? Are the two co-signatories of the Declaration honouring their promises? Why are there signs of rising frustration among Hong Kong citizens? Do the recent Hong Kong elections have long-term significance? Should Hong Kong matter to the world, and why does it matter to Beijing?

Anson Chan GBM GCMG was Chief Secretary and second-in-command under both British and Chinese sovereignties, the first and only woman to hold such senior positions.

Martin Lee QC SC was founder and chairman of Hong Kong’s Democratic Party, and a long-term legislator. He is a staunch defender of Hong Kong’s rule of law and is widely regarded as the father of Hong Kong’s movement for democracy.

When: Thursday 13 October 2016, 6:00-7:30pm
Where: Charles Perkins Centre, Auditorium, Johns Hopkins Drive, The University of Sydney, followed by a reception in the Nicholson Museum

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Democracy Futures | Podemos: a new beginning for progressive politics – or dead end?
Dr Lasse Thomassen, University of London and Professor Simon Tormey, The University of Sydney

The Spanish political movement Podemos rose to prominence in the elections to the European Union Parliament in May 2014. Their discourse of ‘the people’ against ‘la casta’ of the established parties and institutions resonated with Spanish citizens in the aftermath of the economic crisis and the 15M movement. Since 2014, they have built up the organisational structure of the party and did well in the 2015 local and regional elections.

However, the re-run of the general election in June this year was a disappointment. Podemos has gone from defining a clear opposition between the people and la casta to representing themselves as the defenders of social democracy. Gradually, the organisation has also become more top-down. Lasse and Simon will discuss the changes in Podemos’ discourse and the possible lessons from their successes and failures.

When: Wednesday 5 October 2016, 12:30-2:00pm
Where: S226, John Woolley Building, Level 2, entry off Manning Road, The University of Sydney

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Pluralism by Default: weak autocrats and the rise of competitive politics in Ukraine and the rest of the former Soviet Union

Co-presented with the Ukraine Democracy Initiative

Associate Professor Lucan Way
, University of Toronto

Why do some countries that lack preconditions for democracy nevertheless see the rise of democratic political competition? Lucan proposes that pluralism in Ukraine and other “new democracies” is often grounded less in democratic leadership, an emerging civil society or “people power”, and more in the failure of authoritarianism.

: Tuesday 4 October 2016, 6:00-8:00pm
: Philosophy Room S249, Quadrangle Building A14, The University of Sydney

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On 5 October, Associate Professor Lucan Way is delivering a talk on
Why Violent Revolutions Lead to the Most Durable Dictatorships

: 6:00-7:30pm
: Law LT 024, Level 0, New Law School Annex, Eastern Avenue, The University of Sydney 

Democracy Futures | Xi’s global cyber vision: leading the pack or descending into cyber-dystopia?

Stephenie Andal, The University of Sydney

Scholarship on China’s cyber policies remains largely focused on the suppressive censorship tactics at play in China’s domestic cyberspace. Yet viewing Beijing's new policy of ‘cybersovereignty’ through a foreign policy lens shifts the paradigm, allowing for the emergence of a more challenging picture of a China as a forward-thinking, bold player in global Internet governance, one that is actively re-shaping and producing new contours and cleavages in the global cyber terra. Emboldened by perceived American hypocrisy post-Snowden, is China playing a strategic long game with highly innovative digital policies in order to ‘lead the pack’ in a post-utopian cyber age? And if so, what are the implications for sovereignty?

When: Wednesday 19 October 2016, 12:30-2:00pm
Where: S226, John Woolley Building, Level 2, entry off Manning Road, The University of Sydney

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Applications Open | 2017 WZB/Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Exchange

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney enjoys an international linkage with Germany’s leading social science research institute, the WZB Berlin Social Sciences Centre. In addition to the mutual transfer of scientific materials and publications, the institutions work together in collaborative teaching, training, research staff and student exchanges.

In 2016, Professor Michael Humphrey and doctoral students Max Groemping, Hugh Tuckfield and Adele Webb from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will visit WZB. Dr Paula Protsch from the WZB research unit Skill Formation and Labor Markets and Kerstin Schneider, Press Officer from the WZB also visited the University of Sydney.

Closing date: Monday 24 October 2016

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September 28, 2016 
Progressives should accept Corbyn’s triumph – it’s the price of democracy 
Matthew WoodUniversity of Sheffield

Labour reformers toyed with the image of democratic participation without realising what it would actually lead to – a democratic debate. But the next step is not to backpedal against democracy.

September 23, 2016
The price of connection: ‘surveillance capitalism’ 
Nick CouldryLondon School of Economics and Political Science

Capitalism has become focused on expanding the proportion of social life that is open to data collection and processing – as if the social itself has become the new target of capitalism’s expansion.

September 9, 2016
He may have insulted Obama, but Duterte held up a long-hiddenlooking glass to the US
Adele WebbUniversity of Sydney

The people of the Philippines and their president know all too well the hypocrisy of being lectured by the United States about violence, human rights and democracy.

August 29, 2016
Face the facts: populism is here to stay 
Benjamin MoffittStockholm University

We are witnessing the global rise of populism. Once seen as a fringe phenomenon from another era or only certain parts of the world, populism is a mainstay of politics today across the globe.

Tuesday 4 October
SDN & UDI | Pluralism by Default: Weak Autocrats and the Rise of Competitive Politics in Ukraine and the Rest of the Former Soviet Union
Speaker: Lucan Way

China Studies Centre | Visualising the Everyday in Asian Art
Centenary Auditorium – Art Gallery of New South Wales

Sydney Environment Institute | Who’s Packing Your Lunchbox?: Eating at School and Work
Speakers: Teresa Davis, Tom Teffrey, Eloise Howse and Brian Jones

Department of Government and International Relations | Through the Looking Glass: Austerity and the Left in Britain
Speaker: Andrew Hindmoor 

AIIA NSW | After Paris: Life in a Changing Climate
Speaker: Martin Tingley

UNSW Practical Justice Initiative | Do Definitions Matter? Data, Law and Decision-making in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Speaker: Sofia Gruskin

Wednesday 5 October
SDN Democracy Futures | Podemos: a New Beginning for Progressive Politics – or Dead End?
Speakers: Lasse Thomassen and Simon Tormey

Sydney Ideas | Why Violent Revolutions Lead to the Most Durable Dictatorships
Speaker: Lucan Way

Evatt Foundation | Launch of the Centre for Future Work
Speakers: Mark Morey, Ben Oquist, Barbara Pacock and Jim Stanford

The US Studies Centre | Women at Work: Australia and the United States
Speakers: Kristina Keneally, Marian Baird and Rachel Cooper

Thursday 6 October
Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies | How Ensuring Public Access to Information Can Help to Build Peaceful and Inclusive Societies
Speaker: Jake Lynch

Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning | Designing Affordability: Quicker, Smarter,more Efficient Housing Now
Tin Sheds Gallery

The US Studies Centre | American Politics in the Time of Trump
Speakers: Don Watson and James Brown

Friday 7 October
Sydney Southeast Asia Centre & China Studies Centre | China in ASEAN
Speakers: Alice Ba, Jing Dong Yuan, Merriden Varrall, Renato Cruz De Castro, Pichamon Yeophantong, Mike Fabinyi and James Reilly

Saturday 8 October
Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning | Designing Affordabilty Symposium
Speakers: Marc Norman, Peter Phibbs, Judith Stubbs, Alison Kemp and Tarsha Finney

Monday 10 October
Institute of Sustainable Futures | Short Course on Integrated Transport and Land Use
Speaker: Michelle Zeibots 

The US Studies Centre | The Rise of the Populists
Speakers: Simon Jackman, Peter Chen, Elena Block, Daniel Ergas, Fernando Martinez and Gorana Grgic

Wednesday 12 October
Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental Law | A Stocktake on the Emissions Reduction Fund
Speakers: Olivia Kember, Jonathan Verschuuren and Freddy Sharpe

The US Studies Centre | American Cultures Workshop: The Stigma of Whiteness? Peace Movement Organising and the Egalitarian Ideal in the 1980s
Speaker: Kyle Harvey

Thursday 13 October
Department of Government and International Relations | Morality Politics in the European Parliament: an Analysis of Meps’ Vote on Abortion and Embryonic Stem Cell Research (1998-2013)
Speaker: Caroline Close

Department of Anthropology | Curated Stories: How Storytelling Is Hindering Social Change
Speaker: Sujatha Fernandes

Lowy Institute | 2016 Owen Harries Lecture - a World of Shocks and Disruptions: Where Do We Go from Here? A French Perspective
Speaker: Jean-David Levitte

Sydney Democracy Network | Hong Kong & Mainland China: Contested Realities, Future Visions
Speakers: Anson Chan and Martin Lee

China Studies Centre | Challenges to the Bilateral Investment Regime? India, China and the Asian Region
Speakers: Jaivir Singh, Luke Nottage, Vivienne Bath, Chester Brown and Gail Pearson

Friday 14 October
Sydney Law School | Legitimacy and the State Conference
Speakers: Philip Pettit, Joseph Raz, Andreas Føllesdal, Martin Krygier, Mattias Kumm, Dr Cormac Mac Amhlaigh, Fabienne Peter, Jiří Přibáň, Nicole Roughan, Wojciech Sadurski and Paul Weithman

Sydney Southeast Asia Centre | Why Are Local Elections in Indonesia's Papua Most Violent?
Speaker: Rizal Panggabean

Lowy Institute | Postcolonial Hong Kong – 19 Years after the British Handover
Speakers: Anson Chan and Martin Lee

Monday 17 October
UNSW Practical Justice InitiativePractical Justice in the Borderlands of India
Speaker: Duncan McDuie-Ra

Sydney Environment Institute | Generations, Gender and Eating: How Older Australians Fare
Speakers: Vicki Flood, Lee-Fay Low, Maureen Lumello and Elspeth Probyn

Tuesday 18 October
Evatt Foundation | 9th Annual E. L. Wheelwright Memorial Lecture 
Speaker: David F. Ruccio

Wednesday 19 October
The US Studies Centre | White Trash/Trashed Whites: Questions of Class and Whiteness in US History
Speakers: Sarah Dunstan, Hollie Pich and Daniel Dixon

SDN Democracy Futures | Xi’s Global Cyber Vision: Leading the Pack or Descending into Cyber-dystopia?
Speaker: Stephenie Andal

Lowy Institute | Intellectual Property: Economics, Diplomacy and Australia’s Strategic Interests
Speaker:Nicholas Gruen

The Ethics Centre | The Ethics of Outrage
Speakers: Helen Razer, Michael Salter and Sharnay

Thursday 20 October
Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies | How Ensuring Public Access to Information Can Help to Build Peaceful and Inclusive Societies
Speaker: Wendy Lambourne

Sydney Ideas | Security and Privacy in a Hyper-connected World
Speaker: Bruce Schneier

Sydney Environment Institute | Truth & Beauty : Talking about the Environment
Speaker: Don Watson

Sydney Environment Institute | Hope in the Dark
The 2016 National Environment Meeting

Friday 21 October
Sydney Environment Institute | Movements and Researchers: Defining the Questions
All-day symposium

Sunday 23 October
Evatt Foundation | Thomas Piketty: Is Increasing Inequality Inevitable?
Speakers: Thomas Piketty and Andrew Leigh

Monday 24 October
China Studies Centre | 2016 Sydney China Business Forum
Speakers: Belinda Hutchison, Jeffrey Riegel, Michael Spence, Cathryn Hlavka, Ticky Fullerton and Balaji Swaminathan

Tuesday 25 October
The Ethics Centre | IQ2 Debate: Privacy Is Not for Children
Speakers: Susan McLean, Liz Walker, Max Koslowski, Suelette Dreyfus, Tim Dean and Beatrice Duong

Wednesday 26 October
Lowy Institute | The Evolving Terrorist Threat in Australia
Speaker: Michael Keenan

School of Social and Political Sciences | Humbling the Powerful: Democracy and its Future
Speaker: John Keane

The US Studies Centre | American Cultures Workshop: the Political (Un)consciousness of Contemporary American Humour
Speaker: Nick Holm

Thursday 27 October
Department of Government and International Relations | Hidden Agendas: the Dark Side of Public Policy
Speaker: Allan McConnell

Human Animal Research NetworkLive/stock - a Presentation by Rob Wallace
Speaker: Rob Wallace

Department of Anthropology | Book Launch - Anthropologies of Value: Cultures of Accumulation Across the Global North and South
Speakers: Neil Mclean and Dick Bryan 
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