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August 2016
Everything Political lists all events of political interest in Sydney: both on and off campus and hosted by SDN, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the University of Sydney or other Sydney organisations. Please contact if you would like to list an event in next month's newsletter.
Festival of Democracy 1-7 September 2016
Hosted by the Sydney Democracy Network at the University of Sydney and the Verona Cinema, Oxford St, Paddington, the Festival is open to all, and there's something for everybody.

The Festival will tackle pressing democratic questions including why race is still an easily ignitable issue, how to understand the global rise of populism and 'where to now' for our democracies in the context of global economic and political developments.

For more information about individual events and the full program, please visit here.

When: 1-7 September 2016
Where: Various venues, please visit individual event page for more information

Democracy Futures | History, Politics and Indigenous Citizenship: Campaigns, Costs and Contentions

The politics around Indigenous affairs has been an underlying pressure point of Australian society, where Indigenous citizenship has been hotly contested for the entire twentieth century. Yet, there is little appreciation of this fact. In particular, there is little appreciation of the history of civil and human rights claims undertaken by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous activists, of their contexts, protagonists or outcomes. 

Using the campaigns of Mary Bennett, a key Aboriginal rights advocate in the middle years of the twentieth century, Dr Allison Holland from Macquire University will examine the possibilities and limits of the politics of Indigenous citizenship and consider its relevance for communities now.

When: Wednesday 10 August 12:30-2:00pm
Where: S226, John Woolley Building, Level 2, entry off Manning Road, The University of Sydney

Visit here for more information

Democracy Futures | ‘Doing Justice’ Post-Conflict: Subaltern Engagements with Transitional Justice Mechanisms
Since its establishment in the 1990s the field of transitional justice has seen a rapid expansion. While many normative claims are made regarding the benefits (or detriments) of transitional justice processes, few engage directly and in any depth with the populations in whose name these initiatives are done.

How do marginalised groups and individuals find and make use of the mechanisms of transitional justice? What spaces are opened up for them? What debates, actions or identities are potentially foreclosed? In this seminar, drawing on examples from two recent post-conflict sites (Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka) and focusing on women’s rights activists, Dr Kiran Grewal from the Australian Catholic University will explore the relationship between transitional justice processes and subaltern struggles for justice and social change.

When:Wednesday 24 August 2016 12:30-2:00pm
Where: S226, John Woolley Building, Level 2, entry off Manning Road, The University of Sydney

Visit here for more information

Symposium on Transnational People-Movement and Social Rights
Submission deadline: Monday 8 August 2016

The Sydney Asia Pacific Migration Centre (SAPMiC) at the University of Sydney invites researchers in migration and related studies to submit an abstract for this symposium, which focuses on migrants’ rights, particularly when they are uncertain, endangered or in question. 

Of particular interest are papers concerning the following topics:

  • Migrant rights in the legal, economic and/or social domains
  • The life-situations faced by migrants of any category whose rights are in question
  • How policy, regulation and governance currently operate in one or more nation states and/or on a transnational or global basis
  • How policy, regulation and governance might better address migrants’ rights at the national, transnational, regional and global levels 

For more information, please visit here
Symposium Enquiries: Associate Professor Gaby Ramia and Professor Nicola Piper.

SDN Democracy Futures on The Conversation

July 23, 2016 What animal could a democracy be? Ape, fox, lion … how about jellyfish?
Jean-Paul GagnonUniversity of Canberra

If democracy were an animal, which one would it be? This short play, set in an Australian pub, explores this question to contrast ways we understand democracy and our roles within it.

July 8, 2016 UK and EU both need major democratic reform to survive Brexit fallout
Matthew WoodUniversity of Sheffield

The Brexit vote was the outcome of the disillusionment and disengagement that have permeated the UK. Many Europeans share that mood, which is why both the UK and EU need radical democratic surgery.

July 4, 2016 A new era may be dawning again for radical right populists in Austria and Europe
Duncan McDonnellGriffith University

Radical right populists are on the brink of power in Austria and making gains across the region. And the European leaders who once were willing to publicly condemn them are silent now.

June 30, 2016 Britain’s ‘Bregret’ offers timely lessons for Australian voters this weekend
Mark ChouAustralian Catholic University and Michael OndaatjeAustralian Catholic University

The populist appeal of simplistic answers to complex solutions is a challenge for political leaders.There are times when expertise and experience must prevail over the popular mood of the moment.


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Monday 1 August
SOPHI USYD | Regenerating Human/animal/environmental Relationships in Australian Agriculture?
Speaker: David Bray

The US Studies Centre | Public Forum: New Nevada
Speakers: Brian Sandoval and Steve Hill

Sydney Environment Institute | Food Insecurity - Putting Good Food back on the Table
Speakers: Luke Craven, Liz Millen, Tegan Picone and David Schlosberg

Tuesday 2 August
Lowy Institute | China's Search for Security and Australia's Role
Speaker: Andrew Scobell

UTS: ISF | The Big Conversation - Our Climate and Energy Dilemma
Speaker: Ian Dunlop

AIIA NSW | Brazil: Defining Moments or Missed Chances?
Speaker: Jorge Knijnik

Wednesday 3 August
Sydney Environment Institute | Urban Design Within Limits: Design Led Planning for Adaptation and Mitigation
Speakers: Rod Simpson, Abbas El-Zein and Lisette Collins

Lowy Institute | In Conversation With the Global Infrastructure Hub
Speaker: Chris Heathcote

Sydney Ideas | Parenting With Disabilities: From ‘outsider’ to ‘insider’ – the Lessons Learnt
Speaker: Marjorie Aunos

The Ethics Centre | The Ethics of Getting High
Speakers: Jaime Wirth and Jack Mannix

Thursday 4 August
Department of Government and International Relations | Explaining Anomalous Political Assimilation Among Immigrants to Australia
Speaker: Jill Sheppard 

Centre for International Security Studies | The Political Economy of Women's Participation in Peace and Security
Speaker: Jacqui True

Sydney Ideas | Insights 2016 - for a Political Economy of Space and Place
Speaker: Adam Morton

Sydney Ideas | Re-imagining Public Service
Speaker: Peter Shergold

The US Studies Centre | Where Do We Go from Here? Us Foreign Policy after the 2016 Presidential Election
Speaker: James Brown

Monday 8 August
Sydney Social Sciences and Humanities Advanced Research Centre | Regionalising American Studies Conference
Two-day symposium 

SOPHI USYD | 2016 Tom Austen Brown Lecture

Tuesday 9 August
HARN | A Good Death: On-farm Killing and Practices of Care
Speaker: Anne Galloway

Sydney Ideas | Teachers’ Work and Lives: Understanding Complexity, Building Quality
Speaker: Christopher Day

AIIA NSW | The International Strategies of Organised Crime
Speaker: James Cockayne

Wednesday 10 August
Sydney Southeast Asia Centre | Heritage and the Arts
Speakers: Nienyuan Neve Cheng, Michael Leadbetter, Natali Pearson, Wayan Jarrah Sastrawan and Sony Karsono

SDN Democracy Futures | History, Politics and Indigenous Citizenship: Campaigns, Costs and Contentions
Speaker: Allison Holland 

Lowy Institute | The Hidden Triumvirate: the State, the Mafia and Legitimate Business
Speaker: James Cockayne

The US Studies Centre | American Cultures Workshop: Mark Steven on Comedy Communism, From Karl Marx to the Marx Brothers
Speaker: Thomas Adams

Sydney Ideas | Our Eyes and Ears Around the World: Investigative Journalism, Cross-border Crime, Corruption, and Accountability
Speakers: Gerard Ryle, Lina Attalah, Kate McClymont and Penny O’Donnell

Friday 12 August
Sydney Environment Institute | Arts, Science, Oceans
Speaker: Ann Elias

Saturday 13 August
Institute for Social Justice, | Music & Social Justice 2016
Performers: Marlene Cummins and Lisa Moore

Monday 15 August
Sydney Ideas | Grandmothers and Human Evolution
Speaker: Kristen Hawkes 

Lowy Institute | Is Monetary Policy Now Ineffective?
Speakers: John Edwards, Nicki Hutley and Edward Nelson 

Tuesday 16 August
AIIA NSW | South Africa and Its Media – Turbulent Times
Speaker: Judy Sandison

Lowy Institute | World Order in the Age of Isis and a Rising Asia
Speaker: David Ignatius

Wednesday 17 August
The US Studies Centre | America's Future in the Middle East: Presidential Contenders and Their Policies With Michael Singh
Speakers: Michael Singh and James Brown

Thursday 18 August
Lowy Institute |In Conversation With David Ignatius
Speaker: David Ignatius

Monday 22 August
Institute for Social Justice | Postgraduate Seminar: Decolonizing Feminism
Speakers: Linda Martín Alcoff, Kiran Grewal and Allison Weir

The US Studies Centre | Populism at the Polls: the Challenges Facing Modern American Conservatism
Speakers: Henry Olsen, Brendon O’connor and Simon Jackman

Tuesday 23 August
The Ethics Centre | IQ2 Debate: Boomers Owe a Debt to the Young
Speakers: John Daley, Zoe Norton Lodge, Bernard Salt and Kerry Chikarovski

Wednesday 24 August
The US Studies Centre | American Cultures Workshop: the Role of Resilience in Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers
Speaker: Tara Colley

SDN Democracy Futures | ‘Doing Justice’ Post-Conflict: Subaltern Engagements with Transitional Justice Mechanisms
Speaker: Kiran Grewal

Sydney Ideas | East West Street: a Personal History of the Origins of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity
Speaker: Phillipe Sands

Tuesday 30 August
Sydney Ideas | The Holocaust: the Known, the Unknown, the Disputed and the Re-examined
Speaker: Michael Berenbaum

Wednesday 31 August
Sydney Ideas | The Australian Mosque: Locality, Gender, and Spirituality
Speakers: Reem Sweid and Sam Bowker
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