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July 2016
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SDN Democracy Futures | Democracy and Depoliticised Acquiescence
Some argue that democracy is the best form of politics because it is the most inclusive and therefore best suited to garnering the willing compliance of the people. This line of thought has been traced back to Benedict de Spinoza. However, Spinoza himself was equally interested in political exclusion. Political exclusion can still give rise to willing popular compliance through what Dr Sandra Field from Yale-NUS College calls non-repressive depoliticisation, exemplified in the virtuous aristocratic republics of Spinoza's time. Extending this analysis, elements of depoliticised acquiescence can be identified even in ostensibly democratic regimes, both in Spinoza's time and our own.

Speaker: Dr Sandra Field 

When: Wednesday 27 July 12:30-2:00pm
Where: MECO Seminar Room S226, John Woolley Building, entry via Manning Road, The University of Sydney NSW 2006

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From Brexit to July 2 - SDN in the media
Anika Gauja, John Keane and Stephen Mills took part in the ABC Radio National ‘Fixing Our Democracy’ series of panels held around the country last week in the lead-up to the July 2 election. The series argued that no matter who wins, the system needs changing.

21 June | Fixing the Parties

22 June | Money and Politics 

23 June | Scrapping the System

John Keane wrote on The Conversation on voting early and often or, in fact, not at all: Referendum Day in the Dis-United Kingdom

Benjamin Moffitt spoke to the BBC World Service on the global rise of populism.

Writing on The Conversation, Giovanni Navarria looked at Euroscepticism and the Brexit ripple effect: After Brexit, keep a close watch on Italy and its Five Star Movement

Nick Rowley looked at close polls in Australia, and examined the endurance of the European project prior to the referendum on The Conversation:

Malcolm or Bill: who would you invite to your barbecue?

A vote for Brexit means a wounded David Cameron and a calamitous blow to Europe

Nick also spoke to a number of media outlets regarding the British referendum, including ABC Perth Drive, 2GB Sydney, Channel 9 TV Weekend Today, ABC News 24, ABC JJJ Hack, ABC Central West radio, The Australian, ABC News Breakfast, 6PR Perth.

Simon Tormey spoke to The Huffington Post, the ABC and ABC Midday with Margaret Throsby on the implications and reverberations of Brexit for Australia and around the world: 

Britain's Brexit Battle to Reverberate around the World

Brexit: mining commodity price uncertainty easing back on potential 'No' vote

Professor Simon Tormey on Midday

Ariadne Vromen spoke to The Sydney Morning Herald, the Financial Review and SBS on income distribution, social media and young Australians’ political engagement before Saturday’s election:

YourVote: Coalition supporters, professionals, men more likely to say income distribution is fair

Election 2016: Brexit fuels Australia's own new divide over open markets

Young Australians are more political than we think, research suggests 

Jan Zielonka argued, on openDemocracy at the beginning of the month, that the consequences of the Brexit referendum would be bad for both Europe and Britain, regardless of the result: Brexit Referendum Folly

Reading List | SDN Associate Publications 2014-2016

We are pleased to share a list of SDN Associates' book publications from 2014 to 2016.

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SDN Democracy Futures on The Conversation

June 29, 2016 If democratic citizenship is a universal right, how can we so neglect citizenship education?
James WeinbergUniversity of Sheffield

UK schools introduced citizenship education in 2002, but early gains have been reversed. The state of democracy and the Brexit vote suggest the need for informed citizens has never been greater.

June 3, 2016 Humility’s value for democracy in dark times
Christopher HobsonWaseda University

In a world out of balance, one in which arrogance and unaccountability combine in a corrosive synergy, humility can offer a powerful alternative vision of how to approach democratic government.

May 31, 2016 Does Islam have a problem with democracy? The case of the Maldives
Azim ZahirUniversity of Western Australia

Democracy did not fail in the Maldives because it clashed with Islam. Instead, a privileged and powerful elite helped topple the elected government, and nations that advocate democratic ideals did little to stop them.

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Monday 4 July
Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning | Outlaw Territories, Felicity D. Scott, Columbia University
Speaker: Felicity D. Scott

Tuesday 5 July
AIIA NSW | Reflections on International Law – the Effects of Recent Developments
Speakers: Simon Daley, Stephen Tully and Ben Saul

Sydney Environment Institute | Aquarius Redux Symposium: Environmental Keynotes
Speakers: Andrew Kirk and Rob Garbutt

Wednesday 6 July
The US Studies Centre | For God and Globe: Christian Internationalism in the United States between the Great War and the Cold War
Speakers: Paul Kramer and Michael Thompson

Tuesday 12 July
AIIA NSW | UK’s Iraq War Inquiry: What Does It Mean for Australia?
Speaker: Judith Betts

Thursday 14 July
UTS | Solar, Storage, Startups: Transforming Australia’s Energy Market
Speakers: Martijn Wilder, Tim Heasley, Mark Twidell, Nick Lake, Chris Cooper and Luke Osborne

Monday 18 July
Lowy Institute | The Battle of Fromelles – One Century On
Speaker:Euan Graham

Tuesday 19 July
Sydney Ideas | The Great War and Today’s World
Speaker: Hew Strachan

Monday 25 July
Sydney Political Theory Workshop | Dismantling Damaging Social Imaginaries: Imaginal, Institutional, and Artful Interventions
Speakers: Chiara Bottici, Omid Tofighian, José Medina, Yarran Hominh, Duncan Ivison, Nikolas Kompridis and Paul Patton 

Tuesday 26 July
AIIA NSW | Brexit: In or out? Good or Bad for Australia?
Speaker:Colin Chapman

Wednesday 27 July
Lowy Institute | Can We Learn Too Much from History?
Speaker: Lawrence Freedman

The US Studies Centre | American Cultures Workshop: Mark Steven
Speaker: Mark Steven

SDN Democracy Futures | Democracy and Depoliticised Acquiescence
Speaker: Sandra Field

Sydney Ideas | Tax Havens: What Can Be Done? Evidence from a Century of History
Speaker: Vanessa Ogle

Friday 29 July
Sydney Southeast Asia Centre | Politics in Action: Democratic Updates from Southeast Asia
Policy Roundtable

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