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June 2016
Everything Political lists all events of political interest in Sydney: both on and off campus and hosted by SDN, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the University of Sydney or other Sydney organisations. Please contact if you would like to list an event in next month's newsletter.
Come Clean: Time to Clean up Political Donations
With the 2016 Federal Election looming, the John Cain Foundation will be highlighting the urgent need for the next government to address our current shambolic approach to election financing.

Laura Tingle, political journalist Australian Financial Review
Adj Professor Colleen Lewis, Monash University
Hon Nick Greiner, former NSW Liberal Premier
Prof Ross Garnaut, University of Melbourne
Hon Luke Foley, NSW Opposition Leader
Prof John Keane, University of Sydney

When: Thursday 2 June 6:00-7:30pm
Where: Theatrette, Parliament House, 6 Macquarie Street, Sydney

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AIIA NSW | Rodrigo Duterte – A Philippine Donald Trump?
From the outside, he appears a threat to democracy: so why have so many Filipinos embraced the foul-mouthed and brazen mayor from Mindanao-turned president elect; and what explains the appeal of Rodrigo Duterte not just among regional voters, but in the shiny condominiums of Metro Manila?

In this discussion Adele Webb will unpack what this election tells us about the Philippines’ political past, and why this election outcome might be less a symptom of voter naivety, and more a bold attempt by Filipinos to reshape their country’s democratic future. She asks whether comparisons with Donald Trump are justified; what we might expect will change in the Philippines; and how might the forecast changes impact political dynamics in the wider region?

Adele Webb is a fourth year doctoral researcher at the University of Sydney’s Department of Government and International Relations and Sydney Democracy Network. 

When: Tuesday 7 June 6:00-7:30pm
Where: The Glover Cottages, 124 Kent Street, Millers Point NSW 2000

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SDN Democracy Futures on The Conversation

May 14, 2016 Donald Trump: both the old crazy and the new normal
Stephen ColemanUniversity of Leeds

The faultlines in democratic politics are clear. On one side is a system of democracy that is bad at making people feel represented. On the other are anti-politician performers like Donald Trump.

April 30, 2016 In defence of left-wing populism
Chantal MouffeUniversity of Westminster

The future of democracy depends on developing a left-wing populism that can revive public interest by mobilising political passions in the fight for an alternative to neoliberal de-democratisation.

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Wednesday 1 June
The Ethics Centre | Ethics at Works
Speaker: Philip Wright

The University of Sydney Library | Open Access Publishing: How to Sort the Predatory from the Legitimate
Charles Perkins Centre

Sydney Environment Institute | Leonardo Valenzuela & Billy Haworth
Speakers: Leonardo Valenzuela and Billy Haworth

Sydney Ideas | A Garden for Empire and Nation: History and Memory at the Qing Imperial Mountain Estate
Speaker: Stephen Whiteman

Thursday 2 June
Sydney Environment Institute | City Leaders Summit: Creating Smart Places for Smart Citizens - Opportunities and Challenges
Speakers: Ethan Kent and Daniel Latorre

John Cain Foundation | Come Clean: Time to Clean up Political Donations
Speakers: Laura Tingle, Colleen Lewis, Nick Greiner, Ross Garnaut, Luke Foley and John Keane

UTS | UTSpeaks: The Lost Estate
Speakers: Peter Fray, Jim Macnamara and Andrew Jaspan

Sydney Ideas | I'm Not Racist but...
Speakers: Alex McKinnon, Abdul Abdullah, Jakelin Troy, Luka Lesson and Yatu Widders

Friday 3 June
Sydney Southeast Asia Centre | Races without Racism? Everyday Race Relations in Singapore
Speaker: Selvaraj Velayutham

Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning | Senseable Cities
Speaker: Carlo Ratti

Sydney Ideas | Do Good, Be Good: Keynote
Speakers: Steve Lambert and Natalie Jeremijenko

Tuesday 7 June
The Ethics Centre | Leading Edge Series - In Conversation with Holly Kramer
Speaker: Holly Kramer

Sydney Ideas | Data: Transforming Science and Society
Speakers: Dietmar Müller, Sean Humphrey, Nicholas Glozier and Sally Wood

AIIA NSW | Rodrigo Duterte – A Philippine Donald Trump?
Speaker: Adele Webb

Wednesday 8 June
Sydney Environment Institute | Night-time Economy Stigmatisation: A Case Study of Northbridge, Western Australia
Speaker: Alistair Sisson

Sydney Southeast Asia Centre | Why Are Local Elections in Indonesia's Papua Most Violent?
Speakers: Zulfan Tadjoeddin and Rizal Panggabean

The Ethics Centre | The Ethics of Representation in Media, Arts & Advertising
Speakers: Elizabeth Ann Macgregor, Peter McEvoy and Marina Go

Thursday 9 June
Sydney Intellectual History Network | Sprung It from Piety, or from Despair?: Intentionality and the Contradictions of Fasting as Feminism in the Eighteenth-century
Speaker: Jessica Hamel-Akré

Sydney Ideas | The Manifesto: from Surrealism to the Present
Speaker: Natalya Lusty

Friday 10 June
Sydney Ideas | Controversial Conversations - Reclaiming, Resilience and Decolonising
Speakers: Jeff Corntassel, Taiaiake Alfred, Jakelin Troy, Shane Houston, Thalia Anthony, Lisa Strelein and Paddy Gibson 

Tuesday 14 June
Sydney Ideas | Imagining the Future
Speakers: Julianne Schultz, Thomas Maschmeyer, Kathy Marks and Tony Davis

Wednesday 15 June
UNSW Arts & Social Sciences | Reflections on the Easter Rising 1916 Documentary and Discussion
Speakers: Bríona Nic Dhíarmada, Christopher Fox, Rónán McDonald, Jeff Kildea, David Dwan and Judith Fox

China Studies Centre | Exhibition Talks: Tang
Speaker: Jeffrey Riegel

UNSW Law | The Balance between Robust Constitutionalism and the Democratic Process: Public Lecture by Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke
Speaker: Dikgang Moseneke

Sydney Ideas | The Middle Ages Now
Speakers: Lynn Ramey, Laura Doyle, Candace Barrington and Geraldine Heng

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences | Refugees on Film – Cinema without Borders
Speakers: Caroline Wake, Zach Karpinellison, Belinda Mason and Constance Okot

Thursday 16 June
Sydney Ideas | The Chinese Enigma: China through European Eyes 1700-1900
Speaker: Yixu Lu

Wednesday 22 June
Lowy Institute | Indonesian Foreign Policy: In Conversation with Dewi Fortuna Anwar
Speaker: Dewi Fortuna Anwar

Thursday 23 June
The US Studies Centre | Circus Maximus: The 2016 US Presidential Race
Speaker: Bill Schneider

Monday 27 June
The University of Sydney Library | Smart Social Media
Charles Perkins Centre

Tuesday 28 June
Lowy Institute | Inside Putin's Russia
Speakers: Stephen Fortescue and Kyle Wilson

Wednesday 29 June
Lowy Institute | Global Migrant Smuggling
Speakers: Jiyoung Song and Frank Laczko

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