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April 2016
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SDN Democracy Futures | Anarchism Today
Dr Alex Prichard and Professor Saul Newman
with comments by Professor Simon Tormey and Professor John Keane

Anarchism and non-domination
Dr Alex Prichard from the University of Exeter will explore a notion of political anarchy that critically extends beyond today’s liberal-republican moralisation of freedom.

Ownness created a new freedom: Max Stirner’s alternative concept of liberty
Taking up Max Stirner’s radical concept of “ownness”, or self-ownership and mastery, Professor Saul Newman from Goldsmiths, the University of London, proposes a paradigm of freedom that resists the constraints of the republican model of non-domination. 

When: Wednesday 6 April 5:00-6:30pm
Where: Lecture Theatre S325, John Woolley Building, University of Sydney

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Professor Yu Keping at the University of Sydney

Professor Yu Keping will visit the University of Sydney and deliver an evening lecture on 11 April and an afternoon seminar on 14 April.

Yu Keping is the new Chair of Politics, Professor and Dean at the School of Government, Peking University, Beijing, former Deputy President of the Central Compilation & Translation Bureau, and founding Director of PKU Research Centre for Chinese Politics. 

Evening lecture 11 April: Chinese Conceptions of Power and Authority: new perspectives

Co-presented with the China Studies Centre and Sydney Ideas

When: Monday 11 April 6:00-7:30pm
Where: Law School Foyer, Level 2 Sydney Law School, Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney

Afternoon seminar 14 April: Modernising state governance in China: restructuring the relationship between government, the market and society since the Deng Xiaoping reforms of the 1980s 

Co-presented with the China Studies Centre

: Wednesday 14 April 5:00-6:30pm
Where: The Law Lounge, Level 1 New Law Building, University of Sydney

The Price of Connection

Co-presented with the Department of Media and Communications and Sydney Ideas

In earlier modernity the infrastructures of communication required for an expanding economy and society remained tied to national boundaries and broadly compatible with the values on which democracy was based. In late modernity, globalisation challenged nation-state boundaries, but not yet the values underlying democratic governance.

The internet involves the connectability of all points in space-time, which become points in an unlimited information-space. This generates a two-way bargain: if every point in information-space is connectable to every other, then it becomes susceptible to monitoring from every other point.

Nick Couldry is a sociologist of media and culture. He is Professor of Media Communications and Social Theory, and Head of the Department of Media and Communications, at the London School of Economics and Political Science. 

When: Tuesday 12 April 6:00-7:30pm
Where: Law Foyer, Level 2 New Law Building, Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney

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SDN Democracy Futures | Civil Religion, Constitutionalism, and Eternity
During the last few decades, the liberal democracies that tried to make religion a private matter have encountered great difficulties in the face of growing fundamentalism. In this seminar Professor Miguel Vatter aims to recover an alternative approach to the problem of religion in politics. He draws on the republican political tradition, where the legitimacy of the state in a constitutional government depends on a special public use of religion, or "civil religion".

Professor Vatter argues that the republican idea of "civil religion" is only understandable in the context of constitutionalism – i.e. that it is opposed to "political theology" to the extent that the latter is fundamentally tied to monarchism. In this seminar he will discuss this idea of a public "religion without God" (Dworkin) and illustrate its relevance in contemporary debates about the role of religion in democracy and the pursuit of happiness in a naturalistically conceived world.

Miguel Vatter is Professor of Political Science at UNSW. His current areas of research and publication are Machiavelli, Kant, republicanism, biopolitics, and political theology. 

When: Wednesday 20 April 12:30-2:00pm
Where: S226, John Woolley Building, level 2, entry off Manning Road, University of Sydney

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Monday 4 April
The Ethics Centre | Leading Edge Series - In Conversation with Greg Medcraft 
Speaker: Greg Medcraft

Sydney Ideas | The Responsibility of Philanthropy
Speaker: Stephen Heintz and Bradford K. Smith

Tuesday 5 April
The Electoral Integrity Project | Candidate Selection and Intra-party Violence
Speaker: Merete Bech Seeberg

Sydney Ideas | Aristotle 2400 Years on: the legacy and the relevance of a Greek philosopher
Speaker: Vrasidas Karalis

AIIA NSW | Where Will Taiwan’s First Woman President Lead Her Country?
Speaker: Parris Chang

Wednesday 6 April
Sydney Southeast Asia Centre | SSEAC Postgraduate Seminar: state and society
Speaker: Brian Woodall

Lowy Institute | Women’s Economic Empowerment and How We Can Help
Speaker: Arancha González

Sydney Environment Institute | Lives and Land at Isan Frontiers in the Mekong Context
Speakers: Kanokwan Manoram

Thursday 7 April 
Sydney Environment Institute | Feminist, Queer, Anticolonial Propositions for Hacking the Anthropocene
Speaker: Kathy High

GIR Colloquium Series | Between Eurocentrism and Babel: a framework for the analysis of states, state systems, and international orders
Speaker: Ryan Griffiths

Sydney Ideas | China’s Grand Strategy: regional roles and policy towards middle powers in the context of US-China relations
Speakers: Wang Jisi, Yan Xuetong and Jia Qingguo

Friday 8 April
Media@Sydney| Consumerism and the limits to imagination
Speaker: Justin Lewis

Tuesday 12 April

The Electoral Integrity Project | Not All Created Equal: comparing electoral mechanisms for ethnic and indigenous representation
Speaker: Karen Bird

Sydney Environment Institute | Waste Matters: you are my future
Speaker: Kathy High, Sonja van Wichelen, Astrida Neimanis and Catherine Simpson

Wednesday 13 April
Sydney Environment Institute | Hacking The City: waste matters an interdisciplinary arts-sci eco-workshop
Speakers: Kathy High and Astrida Neimanis

Sydney Environment Institute | The Geographies of Sex, Infection and Risk
Speaker: Denton Callander

Thursday 14 April
GIR Colloquium Series | Occupy Anarchy! A Reply to Jack Donnelly's 'The Discourse of Anarchy in IR'
Speaker: Alex Prichard

Friday 15 April
Lowy Institute | Sidney Jones: Indonesian Students in the Middle East
Speakers: Sidney Jones and Nava Nuraniyah 

Monday 18 April
Sydney Ideas | 'In Defense of Food' Film Screening
Speaker: Alana Mann

Tuesday 19 April
The Electoral Integrity Project | Processes or Candidates? The International Community and the Demand for Electoral Integrity
Speaker: Nikolay Marinov

Sydney Ideas | Slippery Surfaces: how nanoscience is changing our material world
Speaker: Joanna Aizenberg

Lowy Institute | In Conversation with Hayder Al-khoei
Speaker: Hayder Al-khoei

Friday 22 April
Institute for Social Justice | Professor Charles Taylor: the language animal
Speaker: Charles Taylor

Tuesday 26 April
The Electoral Integrity Project | Ethnic Parties and Perceptions of Electoral Integrity
Speaker: Anaïd Flesken

Lowy Institute | In Conversation with Kenneth Roth, the Politics of Fear
Speaker: Kenneth Roth

Sydney Ideas | Human Rights in Uganda Today
Speakers: Nicholas Opiyo and Maria Burnett

Sydney Ideas | What Is A Teacher in the 21st Century and What Does a 21st Century Teacher Need to Know?
Speaker: Ian Menter

Thursday 28 April
Lowy Institute | In Conversation with Ange Postecoglou
Speaker: Ange Postecoglou

Friday 29 April
Institute for Social Justice | Professor Charles Taylor on ‘Secularism and Religious and Spiritual Forms of Belonging’
Speaker: Charles Taylor

March 21, 2016 Looking beyond ‘the refugee crisis’, can migrants be the new agents of democracy?
Stefan RotherFreiburg University

March 16, 2016 Watchdogs on a leash: where and why governments restrict election monitors
Max GrömpingUniversity of Sydney

March 14, 2016 Not so grassroots: how the snowflake model is transforming political campaigns
Stephen MillsUniversity of Sydney

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