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March 2016
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SDN Democracy Futures | Humility and Democracy
In the quarter of a century since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the confidence surrounding democracy has been replaced with growing concerns about whether it is now in crisis. What is needed is an approach to democracy that avoids both the excessive optimism of the 1990s and the more corrosive pessimism that has emerged in recent years.

Responding to this situation, Assistant Professor Christopher Hobson (Waseda University, Japan) considers the old idea of humility, which, if understood in terms of an awareness of one’s limits and an acknowledgement of what has yet to be achieved, has the potential to offer a powerful way of approaching democratic government.

When: Wednesday 2 March 12:30-2:00pm
Where: S226, John Woolley Building, level 2, entry off Manning Road, University of Sydney

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Contested Narratives of the China-India Border Dispute
Co-presented with the China Studies Centre

A disputed Himalayan border remains a primary source of tension between the two main emerging powers in the world. Most of the scholarly writings on this border dispute are written within the top-down Realist tradition where China and India are seen as two unitary actors pursuing strategic interests.

In contrast, Associate Professor Dibyesh Anand (University of Westminster) emphasises the constructedness of the actors and their interests. He offers an understanding of the dispute as emerging from complicated relations between imperial frontier politics marked by buffer zones, postcolonial nation building where boundary lines are militarised, and regional geopolitics that involve various state and nonstate actors.

When: Monday 7 March 12:30-2:00pm
Where: S226, John Woolley Building, level 2, entry off Manning Road, University of Sydney

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China, Tibet and the Colonial Question
Co-presented with Sydney Ideas and the China Studies Centre

China sees itself as a victim of imperialism and colonialism. The modern Chinese nationalism, including the one adopted and promoted by the Chinese Communist Party, is defined through this. International scholarship on China often takes this narrative of China as anti-imperialist for granted. 

Associate Professor Dibyesh Anand (University of Westminster) interrogates this narrative and argues that there is a fundamental disjuncture at the heart of the modern nation-state project in China. China is anti-imperialist in its foreign policy rhetoric while being beneficiary and even practitioner, rather than victim, of imperialism and colonialism. The modern nation-state of the People’s Republic of China is colonial in what it sees as its periphery. 

When: Wednesday 9 March 6:00-7:30pm
Where: Law School Foyer, level 2, Sydney Law School, Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney

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SDN Democracy Futures | Networked Intimacy: dating apps, sex and the digital transformation of modern romance
In Liquid Love Zygmunt Bauman argues that the solidity and security once provided by ‘life-long’ partnerships has been ‘liquefied’ by rampant individualisation and rapid social and technological change. This seminar Dr Mitchell Hobbs (University of Sydney) explores past and present experiences of digital dating and ‘hook-up applications’ in order to empirically assess the extent to which a digital transformation of intimacy might be underway and magnified by new communication technologies. 

When: Wednesday 16 March 12:30-2:00pm
Where: S226, John Woolley Building, level 2, entry off Manning Road, University of Sydney

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Tuesday 1 March
Sydney Ideas | Soda Politics in the US: lessons from the food movement in action 
Speaker: Marion Nestle

AIIA NSW | America, the Angry
Speaker: Tom Switzer

Wednesday 2 March
SDN Democracy Futures | Humility and Democracy
Speaker: Christopher Hobson

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences | Philosophy as a Performative Way of Life: writing and beyond
Speaker: Richard Shusterman

US Studies Centre | Super Tuesday Trivia Night
US Presidential Election 2016

Thursday 3 March
GIR USYD | Energy Security, Environmental Angst, and Japan’s Evolving Developmental State
Speaker: Brian Woodall

Sydney Law School | Distinguished Speakers Program: Public Reason and Administrative Legitimacy
Speaker: Jerry L. Mashaw

The US Studies Centre | This Is Not America: a Celebration of David Bowie
Speakers: Will Brooker, Anwen Crawford, Rodney Taveira and Rebecca Sheehan

The Ethics Centre | IQ2 Debate: Gender Identity
Speakers: Peter Hyndal, Andrea James, John Haldane and Bronwyn Winter

Friday 4 March 
The US Studies Centre | An Afternoon with Anne-Marie Slaughter
Speaker: Anne-Marie Slaughter

Monday 7 March
SDN and China Studies Centre | Contested Narratives of the China-India Border Dispute
Speaker: Dibyesh Anand

UNSW Law | Carbon To Carbon: Global Sorting After Paris
Speaker: Stephen Humphreys

Sydney Law School | Is the Director's Duty of Care, Skill and Diligence Irrelevant to Corporate Governance Today?
Speaker: Marc T. Moore

Tuesday 8 March
The Electoral Intetrity Project | The Contradictions of Democracy in Afghanistan: elites, elections and "people’s rule" post-2001
Speaker: Susanne Schmeidl

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences | The Colonial Origins of Concentration: an alternate genealogy
More information to come

Lowy Institute | Rising MPs
Speakers: Jim Chalmers, Linda Reynolds and Michael Fullilove

Sydney Ideas | If You Are the One Panel Discussion
Speaker: Jing Han, Annie Shu, Crystal Yu, David, Feng Guo, Linda Li, Melody Zheng and Ruiqi Fan

AIIA NSW | Domestic Violence and Women in China on the International Stage
Speakers: Louise Edwards and Alison Broinowski

UNSW | "People Who Know Her Would Never Believe This": female war crime perpetrators in Bosnia
Speaker: Olivera Simić

Wednesday 9 March
Sydney Ideas, China Studies Centre and SDN | China, Tibet and the Colonial Question
Speaker: Dibyesh Anand

Thursday 10 March
Sydney Ideas | The Conversation Machine
Speaker: Nick Enfield

Sydney Ideas | The Energy Challenge: Nanotechnology Solutions Towards Sustainable Development
Speaker: Federico Rosei

Tuesday 15 March
The Electoral Integrity Project | Electoral Legitimation and Autocratic Stability: timing is everything?
Speaker: Lee Morgenbesser

Lowy Institute | An Address by the Hon Murray Mccully, New Zealand Minister of Foreign Affairs
Speaker: Murray McCully

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences | Achieve Total Intelligibility
Speaker: Elaine Flyn

Wednesday 16 March
SDN Democracy Futures | Networked Intimacy: dating apps, sex and the digital transformation of modern romance
Speaker: Mitchell Hobbs

Book Launch | The Australian Greens: from Activism to Australia’s third party

Speaker: Stewart Jackson

Thursday 17 March
China Studies Centre | Immigration and Reclamation During the Process of Qing Expansion
Speaker: Takahiro Onuma

Sydney Ideas | Europe and the Arab Uprisings Five Years on: the betrayal of democracy
Speaker: Andrea Teti, Vrasidas Karalis, Bronwyn Winter and John Keane

Lowy Institute | Challenges for the Next Generation of Leaders in Papua New Guinea
Speaker: Sean Dorney and Jenny Hayward-Jones

Monday 21 March
The Benevolent Society | Morning Tea for the Anniversary for Apology of Forced Adoption Practices
Co-presented with the Post Adoption Resource Centre (PARC)

Sydney Ideas | Beyond the “Clash of Civilisations”: Arab diasporas and transnational identities
Speaker: Akram Khater

Tuesday 22 March
China Studies Centre | New Perspectives on China and Eurasia in the Bronze Age
Speakers: Peter Jia, Cong Dexin, Jia Xiaobing, Rebecca Morris, Ni Grilli, Alison Betts and Michael Spate

The Electoral Integrity Project | Electoral Integrity and Electoral Systems
Speaker: Pippa Norris

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences | From a ‘Good Opinion’ to ‘Enlightened Guidance’: ambivalent racial comparisons between Australia and South Africa, 1918-1939
More information to come

AIIA NSW | Live Export Trade
Speaker: Bidda Jones

Wednesday 23 March 
Sydney Environment Institute | The Small Changes: coastal vulnerability to sea level rise
Speakers: Abbas El-Zein and Tayanah O’Donnell

2016 Lowy Lecture | Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull
Speaker: Malcolm Turnbull

Tuesday 29 March
The Electoral Integrity Project | Does Electoral Integrity Yield More Responsive Government?
Speaker: Mark Franklin

Wednesday 30 March
Sydney Environment Institute | Keynote Address: Mark Butler, MP
Speakers: Mark Butler, Frances Flanagan, Tony Vassallo and Lisette Collins

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