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February 2016
Everything Political lists all events of political interest in Sydney: both on and off campus and hosted by SDN, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the University of Sydney or other Sydney organisations. Please contact if you would like to list an event in next month's newsletter.
Is Democracy in Poland in Danger?
Co-presented with Sydney Ideas and the Australian Institute of Polish Affairs

A recent series of controversial moves by the new Polish Government, especially the weakening of the Constitutional Tribunal and subjecting the public media to ministerial appointments and supervision, have triggered mass protests in Poland and concerns among EU officials. 

Professor Jan Pakulski analyses these developments in the broader context of the rapid economic development, new social divisions, and the polarisation within the Polish political elite combined with electoral re-alignment. He argues that Poland shows some symptoms of ‘political decay’, weakening liberal democracy, and gradual transition towards populist ‘leader democracy’.

Jan Pakulski, MA (Warsaw), PhD (ANU), is Professor Emeritus at the University of Tasmania, Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA), Affiliate with Stanford Centre for Poverty and Inequality, Visiting Fellow and Professor at Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, CEU, and currently Collegium Civitas. He is the author/editor of 10 books and over 120 scholarly articles on political elites, democratisation, multiculturalism, post-communism, social movements, and social inequality. His most recent books are Toward Leader Democracy (with Andras Korosenyi, 2012),Declining Political Leadership in Australia (with Bruce Tranter, 2015) and Violence and the State(co-edited and co-written with Matt Killingsworth and Matthew Sussex, 2015).

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Applications Open | 2016 WZB/Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Exchange
The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney enjoys an international linkage with Germany’s leading social science research institute, the WZB Berlin Social Sciences Centre. In addition to the mutual transfer of scientific materials and publications, the institutions work together in collaborative teaching, training, research staff and student exchanges.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, through the SDN, maintains an exchange agreement for academic staff and doctoral students with the WZB. The agreement allows for research exchanges in any field of the social sciences. The fellowships provide a contribution of up to $6,000 towards airfare and living costs for a research exchange conducted at the WZB by University of Sydney staff members (including post-doctoral researchers) and doctoral students. The fellowships are tenable between mid-April and December each year and allow for stays of no less than three weeks and no more than three months. Prerequisites for eligibility for the exchange include evidence of how the fellowship will contribute to ongoing research links between the WZB and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney. Successful candidates are asked to submit a follow-up report on their research.

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Tuesday 2 February
Lowy Institute | The Year Ahead
Speakers: Michael Fullilove, Anthony Bubalo, Jenny Hayward-Jones and Euan Graham 

AIIA NSW | Syrian Refugee Crisis
Speaker: Clive Williams

Friday 5 February
Lowy Institute | Russia's Asian Rebalance?
Speakers: Ian Bond, Matthew Sussex and Anthony Bubalo

Monday 8 February
Lowy Institute | The Chinese Outlook: Economics and Economic Governance
Speakers: David Dollar and Leon Berkelmans

Tueday 9 February
UNSW Arts & Social Sciences | Ian Watson on "A Disappearing World: Studies in Class, Gender And Memory"
Speaker: Ian Watson

AIIA NSW | Russia Today – Villain or Responsible International Player?
Speaker: Gregory Clark

Sydney Environment Institute | Christof Mauch: Energy Cultures in Historical Perspective and what we can learn for the Future
Speaker: Christof Mauch

Thursday 11 February
Sydney Law School | ACCEL 2016 Conference: 'The Legal Implications of the Paris Agreement'
Speakers: Richard Stewart, Jeff McGee, Peter Lawrence, Jonathan Verschuuren, Rosemary Lyster, Kate Owens, Ed Couzens and Danny Noonan

Sydney Environment Institute | Foreign Bodies, Intimate Ecologies: Transformations in Environmental History
Speakers: Vinita Damodaran, Tom Griffiths and Dolly Jørgensen

Centre of International Security Studies | Q Lecture: Terrorism in an Age of Quantum Insecurity
Speaker: Jairus Grove

Friday 12 February
UNSW Law | 2016 Constitutional Law Conference and Dinner
Speakers: Jeremy Kirk SC and Carmel McLure

UNSW School of Humanities and Languages | Public Reason Workshop
Speakers: Miriam Bankovsky, Thomas Besch, Fred D’Agostino, Paul Patton, Matheson Russell and Miguel Vatter

Centre of International Security Studies | Peace and Security in a Quantum Age: Moment, Matter, Mind and Metaphysics
Quarantine Station, Sydney Harbour National Park 

Monday 15 February
Human Animal Research Network | Public Forum: Veg*n Sustainability Workshop
Speakers: Fiona Probyn-Rapsey, Jason Grossman, Nik Taylor, Annie Potts,  Stuart White, Kate Marsh, Dinesh Wadiwel, Astrida Neimanis, Tess Lea, Richard Twine and Sue Donaldson

Sydney Ideas | Australian Book Review Patrons’ Annual Lecture
Speaker: Kim Williams

Lowy Institute | The Political Selfie, Soft Power and the Art of Digital Diplomacy: Join Facebook and the Lowy Institute for a Conversation about the Ways Digital Is Redefining Diplomacy
Speakers: Menna Rawlings, Jonathan McClory and Alex Oliver

Tuesday 16 February
AIIA NSW | Genocide Forecasting
Speaker: Benjamin E. Goldsmith

The Law Society of New South Wales | UN COP21 PARIS SUMMIT: A Global Agreement
Speakers: Geoff Tooth, Lesley Hughes, Martijn Wilder and Nicholas Rowley

Wednesday 17 February
UNSW Law | 2016 Human Rights Tertiary Teachers' Workshop
Hosted by the Australian Human Rights Centre at UNSW

The Ethics Centre | The Ethics of Happiness
Speakers: Brock Bastian, Camilla Nelson and Marc Alfred

Lowy Institute | In Conversation with Justin Wolfers and Betsey Stevenson: The White House, The US Economy, Economics in Pop Culture and Everything in between
Speakers: Justin Wolfers and Betsey Stevenson

Friday 19 February
The Walkley Foundation | Newcastle: Nikon-walkley Photography Exhibition Launch
Speaker: Nic Walkler

Saturday 20 February
Evatt Foundation | Tom Uren Memorial Fundraiser
Speaker: Christine Logan

Tuesday 23 February
Lowy Institute | Islamic State Propaganda
Speaker: Lauren Williams

Wednesday 24 February
UTS | 2016 Australian Summer Study on Energy Productivity
Hosted by Australian Alliance to Save Energy

Thursday 25 February
Sydney Law School | Republic of Brazil V Durant and the Principles of Tracing
Speakers: Joe Campbell, Matthew Conaglen and Joseph Campbell

Sydney Ideas | Fixing the System
Speaker: Julianne Schultz, Chris Wallace, GJ Stroud, Ann Arnold and Tamson Pietsch

Friday 26 February
Sydney Law School | SCIL International Law Year in Review Conference
Speakers: Irene Baghoomians, Chester Brown, Ben Saul, David Kinley, Luke Nottage and Emily Crawford

Environmental Humanities | Living in the Anthropocene: The Role of Environmental Humanities and Social Sciences
Speakers: Jan Zalasiewicz, Rom Coles, Giovanna Si Chiro, Libby Robin, Kate Rigby and Kirsten Wehner

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