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October 2015
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Festival of Democracy 2015
16-17 October 2015 | The University of Sydney

Welcome to the 2015 Festival of Democracy.

Join us at the University of Sydney for two days of exciting talks, debates and art focused squarely on the new, challenging and dangerous political trends facing all democracies today.

The Festival is open to all, and there’s something for everybody.

There will be contributions on citizens under surveillance, the Spanish democratic laboratory, the plight of the Rohingya, and radioactive waste dumping.

Come and discuss continuous political campaigning; activism and the role of professionals; constitutional recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Peoples; China and Antarctica; and the high voltage between despair and defiance.

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A Short History of the Future of Elections
Co-hosted with the Electoral Integrity Project

Professor John Keane will challenge our 'big picture' understanding of the contemporary history of elections by probing the connected trends of the universal adoption of electoral practices, the spread of various types of ‘electoral authoritarianism’ and new electoral practices into 'non-Western' contexts. When elections are examined from a long-term and global perspective, can we say with any certainty that their significance and functions have changed during our generation or will change in the future?

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Corporeal Liberty: the place of the body in the making of the modern sovereignty
Our bodies, our gestures, our movements are increasingly watched and measured. In this seminar Associate Professor Charlotte Epstein begins to introduce her monograph on surveillance, in which she undertakes a genealogy of the place of the body in the making of modern political order and the modern subject. This chapter focuses on the habeas corpus as it emerged in 17th century England, which foregrounded the body as the locus of liberty. This genealogical perspective helps to make sense of the unease that (some of us) feel at the experience of being increasingly bared to the eye of power – an unease which, she argues, is deeply political.

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The Politics of Reform in an Ageing United Nations System
As the United Nations approaches its 70th birthday, states and global citizens are confronted with a complex and highly path-dependent polity beyond the state. Each reform effort in the UN exacerbates the tensions between historical rights (one state, one vote) and informal power constellations. Dr Tine Hanrieder investigates the patterns of institutional change that arise from such tensions and discusses the self-reinforcing fragmentation dynamics and the drifting authority of organisations like the World Health Organization (WHO), UNESCO, and the International Labour Organization (ILO).

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Naser GhobadzadehAustralian Catholic University

September 11, 2015 High-tech consumerism, a global catastrophe happening on our watch
Richard MaxwellCity University of New York

September 4, 2015 The politics of public memory, from Watergate to Iraq
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Thursday 1 October
China Studies Centre | The China Model?
Speaker: Jeanne-Marie Gescher and John Keane (chair)

Sydney Southeast Asian Centre | ASEAN Business Forum
Speaker: Sandra Seno-Alday

Friday 2 October
Sydney Southeast Asian Centre | ASEAN Forum 2015
Speakers: Michael Plummer, Joe Dong, Michael Quah, John Black and Geoff James

Tuesday 6 October
AIIA NSW | Annual General Meeting

SDN Democracy Futures | A Short History of the Future of Elections
Speaker: John Keane

Wednesday 7 October
Centre for International Security Studies | Rethinking ICT for Development
Speaker: Aim Sinpeng

Thursday 8 October
Lowy Institute | From the Cold War to Islamic State - How Foreign Policy Has Helped Shape Two Generations of Australian Politicians
Speaker: Greg Sheridan

Centre for International Security Studies | Book Launch:" Managing Global Health Security" and "Disease Diplomacy"  
Speaker: Chris Baggoley

Tuesday 13 October
The US Studies Centre | Beyond Hegemony: China-US Rivalry in a Multinodal World 
Speaker: Brantly Womack

The US Studies Centre | US Trivia Night at the Manning Bar
University of Sydney

The Ethics Centre | The Ethics of Fast Food
Speakers: Jake Smyth, Luke Powell and Dan McGuirt

Wednesday 14 October
Lowy Institute | PNG - Pathways to Gender Parity
Speakers: Ann Steele, Malakai Tabar, John Kaumi, Avia Koisen, Eric Kwa, Linda Van Leeuwen, Gloria Sevua and Jenny Hayward-Jones

The US Studies Centre | American Cultures Workshop: concerning gore vidal
Speaker: Guy Davidson

China Studies Centre and China Culture Centre | China's "One Belt One Road" and Australia
Speakers: Wang Yuzhu and Kerry Brown

SDN Democracy Futures | Corporeal Liberty: the place of the body in the making of modern sovereignty 
Speaker: Charlotte Epstein

Thursday 15 October
Sydney Southeast Asia Centre | Jokowi and Yudhoyono: a tale of two presidents
Speaker: Marcus Mietzner

China Studies Centre | China and the States as Regional Powers 
Speakers: Linda Jakobson and Kerry Brown

AIIA NSW | Careers' Evening: Kick-Start Your Career in International Affairs
Speakers: Ed Morris, Margaret Quixley and Bryce Williams

Friday 16 October
Festival of Democracy | Surveillance Facts and Fictions

Speakers: Nicky Hager, Frank Moorhouse, Felicity Ruby and Bernard Keane

Festival of Democracy | We Need to Talk about Spain
Speakers: Simon Tormey and Francisco Jurado Gilabert

Festival of Democracy | Reception
Venue: Nicholson Museum, University of Sydney

Saturday 17 October
Festival of Democracy | Heterotopia: holding a mirror to indifference
Speakers: Jonathan Bogais, Mohammed Anwar and Devorah Wainer

Festival of Democracy | Machiavelli Today
Speaker: Colin Wight

Festival of Democracy | The Medical Implications of Converting South Australia into the World's Radioactive Waste Dump
Speaker: Helen Caldicott 

Festival of Democracy | The Professionals
Speaker: Stephen Mills

Festival of Democracy | Recognition and Beyond
Speakers: Shane Houston and George Newhouse 

Festival of Democracy | China as a Polar Great Power
Speaker: Anne-Marie Brady

Festival of Democracy | Despair and Defiance
Speaker: Scott Ludlam

Evatt Foundation | H. V. Evatt Memorial Dinner 2015 - with Lesley Hughes
Speaker: Lesley Hughes

Monday 19 October
AIIA National Conference 2015
In conjunction with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Sydney Ideas | Climate Change, Capitalism and Corporations: how is business responding to the climate crisis?
Speakers: Clive Hamilton, Daniel Nyberg, David Ritter, Christopher Wright and Amanda McKenzie

The US Studies Center | How to End a War
Speakers: Bob Carr, Gorana Grgic, Meghan MacKenzie and James Brown
Tuesday 20 October
China Studies Centre | Plus Ça Change? Media Control under Xi Jinping
Speaker: Anne-Marie Brady

Lowy Institute | NGV - Russia: from art to politics
Speakers: Matthew Sussex, Ted Gott and Amanda Smith 

Wednesday 21 October
Sydney Ideas | Slow Violence, Environmental Activism and the Arts
Speaker: Rob Nixon

Monday 26 October
The US Studies Centre | Obama's Foreign Policy, the Pivot and the Post-Obama Era
Speaker: Fred Hiatt

The US Studies Centre | Breakfast with Washington Post Editorial Page Editor and Columnist Fred Hiatt
Speaker: Fred Hiatt

Tuesday 27 October
The Ethics Centre | IQ2 Debate: racism is destroying the Australian dream
Speakers to be announced.
Wednesday 28 October
The US Studies Centre | The Next President: American foreign policy and the 2016 election
Speaker: Fred Hiatt

The US Studies Centre | American Cultures Workshop: together we shall be heard - exploring the 1981 solidarity day mass march
Speaker: Timothy Minchin

SDN Democracy Futures | The Politics of Reform in an Ageing United Nations System
Speaker: Tine Hanrieder

Thursday 29 October
Balmain Institute | Democracy and Despotism
Speaker: John Keane
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