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A fun night out: Public lecture
Cypriot art in the Nicholson Museum
Join us for a fun night out at the Nicholson Museum with champagne and pies followed by Dr Craig Barker's public lecutre: Cypriot Art in the Nicholson Museum.

The Nicholson Museum is home to one of the world’s most significant collections of antiquities from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.  The connection between Sydney and Cyprus is very strong.  Through excavation, donation and loan the Nicholson Museum has acquired thousands of artefacts that reflect the island’s rich cultural history, originating from diverse sources including New York, Cambridge and Cyprus itself.  These objects are often intricate and unusual but aesthetically stunning; decorated with incised lines, relief decorations and bold painted circles and geometric designs that tell a story of life on the island.

This talk will examine millennia of artistic developments on the island, from the Bronze Age to the Medieval period using the ceramics, sculpture and terracottas of the Nicholson’s unique collection as a guide to the exquisite and beautiful art of the island. 

The Nicholson Museum’s new exhibition The Sea and the Sky: Ancient Cypriot Art is now open and features many of the objects that will be discussed in the talk.

About our speaker
Dr Craig Barker is Manager of Education and Public Programs for Sydney University Museum.  He is a Cypriot and Classical archaeologist, who is the Director of the Nicholson Museum’s sponsored archaeological excavations of the ancient theatre at Nea Paphos in Cyprus.

1 March 2016
6 for 6.30pm
Nicholson Museum
$30 Friends of the Nicholson Museum and their guests.
$40 General Admission.
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