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The Conversation published an article by Dr Adam Morton from the Department of Political Economy on drug war capitalism in Mexico. 

The Washington Post featured an article by Dr Anika Gauja from the Department of Government and International Relations, on Australia's 'revolving door' prime ministership.

ABC Radio Late Night Live interviewed Professor Simon Tormey on the Game of Thrones style politics‬ in Australia and Britain's new Labour leadership.

Huffington Post AU published an article by PhD student Suraina Pasha, from the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, on the contentious issue of accepting refugees based on their religious beliefs. 

The Sydney Morning Herald penned an inspiring tribute to retiring lecturer Dr Joseph Halevi, from the Department of Political Economy, who served with the School for over 37 year and gave his final lecture last month.

The Conversation included an article by former PhD student Naser Ghobadzadeh, from the Department of Government and International Relations, arguing how a troubling actor such as Iran could transform into a stabilising force.

The Election Nerds, headed by Dr Amanda Elliot on 2ser, spoke with Dr Stewart Jackson about Turnbull's new ministers.

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 FAREWELL  | Joseph Halevi's Farewell Lecture

Presented by the Department of Political Economy and the student-led Political Economy Society, Dr Joseph Halevi's final farewell lecture is now available to view online.

Dr Halevi taught some of the most difficult Political Economy courses during his 37 years with the University, and will be remembered as a brilliant storyteller.

 NEW APPOINTMENT  | Anthony Green

ABC Election Analyst Antony Green has been appointed Adjunct Professor in the Department of Government and International Relations, in recognition of his work in the study of elections. In addition to finishing two degrees at the University of Sydney, and being awarded an Honorary Doctorate, Anthony has been involved in 65 federal, state and territory election broadcasts during his time with the ABC.

Read more about Anthony Green in an interview with the ABC here.

 HIGHLIGHTS  | Master of Human Rights Careers Night

Students were treated to a special networking and careers event featuring leading practitioners in fields of human rights, development and peacebuilding. Representative from Oxfam, the United National Information Centre, Fairfield Council, and People with Disability Australia came down to share their experiences in aid and community work.

View images from the event here.

 PUBLICATION  | Knowledge Building: Educational Studies in Legitimation Code Theory

Education and knowledge have never been more important to society, yet research is segmented by approach, methodology or topic. Legitimation Code Theory or ‘LCT’ extends and integrates insights from Pierre Bourdieu and Basil Bernstein to offer a framework for research and practice that overcomes segmentalism. 

Associate Professor Karl Maton's new book shows how LCT can be used to build knowledge about education and society, offering the first primer in this fast-growing approach.

To grab a copy visit Routledge.

 PUBLICATION  | Aragon Is Our Ohio: How Do Spaniards Vote

The new book 'Aragon is our Ohio', by Dr. Ferran Martinez i Coma who is currently a Research Associate at The Electoral Integrity Project, looks at the voting practices of Spaniards. It explores the links between soccer and politics, religion and voting, rich and poor (voters), and new party voters.

Follow its popularity on twitter by searching #aragonesnuestroohio

More details

 PUBLICATION  | Governance, Social Organisation and Reform in Rural China

Xiaogang village, located in Anhui Province, was reputedly the first village in China to decollectivise in 1978, paving the way for agricultural reform and a new rural economy in China.

Utilising Foucault's concept of 'governmentality', Dr Hongguang He's study explores how farmers in Xiaogang have engaged in various forms of cooperation since decollectivisation, and the extent to which changing political and social contexts of rural China are likely to impact upon the way in which farmers cooperate and collaborate with each other.

More details

 INTERNATIONAL  | Electoral Integrity Project workshop in San Francisco

International experts gathered on 2nd September in San Francisco to to debate and identify “What works? Strengthening Electoral Integrity”. The Electoral Integrity Project workshop, held the day before the American Political Science Association’s annual meeting, brought together more than one hundred academics and practitioners in the field of electoral governance and democratization.

To address the issue, the workshop featured almost three-dozen papers. Research addressed interventions implemented throughout the electoral cycle, from legal reforms, ballot designs, biometric voter registration, and automated redistricting practices, to domestic and international observation initiatives, the transparency of EMBs, technical assistance, and regulating political finance and political advertising. Studies examined diverse cases, from Ireland and Britain to Tunisia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Croatia, Ghana, Malawi and Brazil.

You can read the papers and view the photos.

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 25 SEPTEMBER  | Collective or Connective Action: Facebook Analysis of Cyber Movements in Thailand

The Centre for International Security Studies Associate Dr. Aim Sinpeng will be presenting her research on connective action and cyber movements in Thailand, by analyzing the Facebook activities of two anti-government movements in Thailand that helped mobilize hundreds of thousands of supporters over a 6-month period of street protests in 2014.

More details

 1 OCTOBER  | Twitter for Academics Workshop

The University is holding a social media workshop designed to give academics tips on how to effectively use Twitter to enhance their work. The workshop will demonstrate how academics can use Twitter to:
  • Enhance and promote their research
  • Gauge community response to their research
  • Network at conferences
  • Provide expert opinion in public policy debates
  • Increase their international and local profile
  • Engage and teach students 

More details

 6 OCTOBER  | A Short History of the Future of Elections

Presented by the Sydney Democracy Network, and featuring Professor John Keane, this workshop is designed to question, challenge, and improve our 'big picture' understanding of the contemporary history of elections.

More details

 8 OCTOBER  | Book Launch: "Managing Global Health Security" and "Disease Diplomacy"

The Centre for International Security Studies and the Marie Bashir Institute for Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity will be launching two books, 'Managing Global Health Security: The World Health Organization and disease outbreak controland 'Disease Diplomacy: International Norms and Global Health Security' by Dr. Adam Kamradt-Scott.

The event will commence with an introduction from Professor Chris Baggoley AO, Chief Medical Officer of the Australian Government's Department of Health.  

More details

 19 OCTOBER  | Balancing Books & Bubs: Parenting Through Postgraduate Research Degrees

Pursuing Higher Research Degrees while balancing the demands of
family life can be a precarious juggling act. This workshop aims to bring together HDR student parents, and provide tips and insight from those who have successfully navigated a path through postgraduate parenting. There will also be discussion on support systems available to HDR student parents and recommendations to improve the student/parent experience.

More details

 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER  | Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops

Safety Health & Wellbeing offers staff a range of courses to help develop
crucial and highly valuable skills needed to contribute to a positive work
environment. There are a number of course running over the next two months including:

More details

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New SSPS Research Project Scheme – deadline for applications to your RSO is 15th October

FASS Cross-Disciplinary Research for Social Impact Support Scheme – deadline to RSO 6th October

SSSHARC Collaborative Projects Support Scheme - due 2nd October

FASS ARC Eol for 2016-2017 - due 25th September

Applications for funding under the Doctoral Research Travel Grant Scheme - close 24 September

Applications for 2016 Round One APA/UPA’s - now open

OLT Innovation and Development Grants - applications close 2 November

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 24 SEPTEMBER  | Couldn’t Stand the Weather: The Effect of Extreme Weather Events on Climate Change Concern

Presented by the Department of Government and International Relations, Dr Llewelyn Hughes (ANU) will examine whether peoples experience with extreme weather events increases their level of concern about climate change. Addressing this question has implications for climate communication strategies, and contributes to the general public opinion literature on the importance of local conditions on attitude formation.

More details

 24 SEPTEMBER  | Hollow Rights and the Emergence of Experts: The Political and Economic Dynamics of Managing Indigenous peoples

Hosted by the Department of Anthropology, Dr Gaynor Macdonald will consider political and economic approaches that might shed light on those historical moments when Australians supported either/and equal and distinctive rights for Indigenous peoples, which quickly became undermined.

Dr Macdonald will examine this through an ethnographic focus on Wiradjuri peoples of central New South Wales.

More details

 24 SEPTEMBER  | Can There be a Critical Political Economy of International Trade?

Presented by the Department of Political Economy, Dr Bill Dunn will use a Marxist framework to analyse the issue of international trade. Marx’s professed method of political economy provides a useful starting point for an ordered rather than eclectic but also reflexive and critical social science of international trade.

More details

 8 OCTOBER  | Inflation and the Making of Macroeconomic Policy in Australia

Presented by the Department of Political Economy, Dr Mike Beggs will launch his new book, which explains how the problem of inflation transformed policy between the 1940s and the 1980s, well before the era of the independent inflation-targeting central bank. This is a new interpretation of Australian policy history and a pre-history of ‘neoliberalism’.

More details

 8 OCTOBER  | Eastminsters – Decolonisation and State Building in British Asia

Hosted by the Department of Government and International Relations, Dr Harshan Kumarasingham's talk will broadly examine the concept of Eastminster (an adaptation of the Westminster parliamentary system) in the eventful context of Asian decolonisation and need for rapid constitutional settlement.

More details
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