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Wordvine is now discontinued

Wordvine has been operating since 2012 but, due to limited digital resources Marketing and Communications is no longer able to maintain and support it until an alternative solution is found. New Wordvine user requests will no longer be processed.

Current Wordvine users have the choice to continue using it until an alternative solution is found or to transition to an alternative straight away. Should you continue with Wordvine it’s important to understand that any issues or problems with the application will not be fixed, given it is no longer supported.

Alternatives to Wordvine

   Internal audiences e.g. staff, current student External audiences e.g. prospective students, alumni, affiliates, industry
Yammer X  
Submit content to staff or student news X  
Social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn   X
Create an events page X X
Office 365 X X

It is worth considering whether you need a newsletter or whether another channel may be more suitable for your needs, particularly if your audience is smaller than several hundred people or consists of those within one team or area. Read more about choosing a channel to communicate internally.


Yammer group can easily be set up and can host messages and documents that can be uploaded in real time. It can also allow for group conversations and collaboration. The shift to Yammer can require a cultural change within a team but it can greatly reduce email and encourage team engagement.

Office 365

Office 365 has a suite of apps that may provide a solution. These include:

  • Sharepoint (allowing you to build a sharable website for a selected or general audience)
  • Teams (for sharing information/discussion within your team)
  • Sway (allowing you to customise the template newsletters – note that these can be sent as a hyperlink but are not currently able to be embedded in Outlook) 


To add an event to the events calendar go to the about section of the events area and login with your unikey at the very bottom of the page.   If these alternatives are not suitable we encourage you to speak with your Marketing and Communications representative about your requirements. For consultations on internal newsletters and if you would like to be part of a communicators network across the University, email University Communications.  

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