Winter is coming – to Open Day!

The iconic map that appears in the opening credits of Game of Thrones provides an enticing idea of what the land of Westeros might look like. But how would it look if it were mapped physically? The Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning will run workshops to produce a large-scale topographical map of these imagined lands using 3D printing technology at Open Day on 31 August. Find out more

Vice-Chancellor's message to students

Did you catch Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence's welcome video last week? Find out more about some of the University community's achievements so far this year, and get an update on the latest discussions in the enterprise bargaining process. Watch now

Annual winter sleepout

The Sydney Uni Young Vinnies Winter Sleepout on Thursday 22 August is a chance to sleep rough in the Quadrangle cloisters for a very worthy cause. Find out more

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National Day of Action

A National Day of Action for student and staff higher education unions is planned for Tuesday 20 August. Please check with your lecturers and tutors before the day to see if any of your classes will be affected.
Sydney Medical School summer research scholarships now open

Work with well-established researchers in high-quality medical research facilities. These scholarships are open to full-time, currently enrolled undergraduate students, who are not required to be studying Medicine. Applications close 19 September 2013. Find out more
Changes to ethics review process for external ethics approval

From mid August, projects that have received approval from an external ethics committee registered with the NHMRC will not require additional approval from the University’s ethics committee. 

Projects will still require approval from the University’s ethics committee if they have been reviewed by:
  • an Australian ethics committee not registered with the NHMRC
  • an overseas ethics committee where there is a Sydney-administered grant
For further information visit the research support website or email

These changes are fully compliant with the University’s obligations under the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research 2007.

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Rate the rooms!

Ever wanted to stay overnight on campus? We're building some accommodation test pods on Eastern Avenue, Camperdown Campus and you're invited to stay in them overnight and tell us what you think. Apply now or find out more

Learning experience survey

Around 16,000 students have received an invitation this week to participate in a learning experience survey. Check your student email to see if you're on the list, and be sure to have your say.
$10,000 cash and prizes up for grabs

Want to bring your ideas for a social start-up or technology business to life? Applications for the Sydney Genesis Competition close this Friday 16 August. Apply now
Get published and win $1000!

The winner of the James Fallows Essay Prize will be published in the November issue of American Review, gain free entry to the Public Knowledge Forum, and receive $1,000 in prize money. Entries close 23 September 2013. Find out more
Sydney China Business Forum: earlybird registration closing soon

The Sydney China Business Forum, a partnership with the City of Sydney, has become a leading event focused on business interactions between Australia and China. Register or find out more

Workshop on preclinical molecular imaging

Join the Brain and Mind Research Institute on 26 August for a day of presentations, discussion and exploration, including a round-table discussion led by experts in each of the key areas of health and medical research, cardiovascular disease, cancer, mental health and neuroscience and infectious diseases. Register or find out more 

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Postgraduate Expo at Open Day

Speak to our faculty representatives, explore your postgraduate study options, and hear keynote speaker Anders Sorman-Nilsson discuss 'Brand You: projects of the future'.
Speak to the faculty representatives, explore your postgraduate study options, and hear keynote speaker Anders Sorman-Nilsson discuss 'Brand You: projects of the future'.

Don’t miss Sorman-Nilsson’s insights into the future areas of demand and careers for graduates plus more than 40 mini lectures, the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) finals, entertainment and hands-on activities. Register or find out more
Finding internships and vacation work

Looking for work but not sure how to navigate an assessment centre? Guest presenters from KPMG will provide advice on how to prepare for an assessment centre and stand out in the process this Friday, 16 August. Find out more

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 SRC  | Choose your representatives

Undergrad students can run for positions on the Students' Representative Council, Honi Soit editorial team, or as National Union of Students delegate. Nominations close 21 August, and voting takes place from 24 to 26 September. Those elected represent you, so read the election edition of Honi on 11 September and get involved! Find out more

 SRC  | Join the Disabilities and Carers Collective

Are you a student looking after someone who is frail or elderly, has a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, or substance abuse problem? The SRC's Disabilities and Carers Collective is a social support group for carers on campus that meets casually throughout semester and holds information sessions on carer-related subjects. Find out more or get involved, and join the collective on Facebook.

 USU  | Hermes submissions close 19 August

Hermes, Australia's oldest literary journal, is calling for written and visual works from students, academics and alumni of the University of Sydney. Submission close Monday 19 August. Find out more

 SUSF  | Get fit with Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness

Join the gym now for free months of membership and the chance to win a holiday to Vanuatu. Find out more 

 SUSF  | Free family open day

Celebrate the opening of the brand new Sports and Aquatic Centre with a day of free family entertainment on Saturday 17 August, from 10am to 3pm. Find out more

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 AUG  | Sydney Ideas events

Find out more about recognition for Australian South Sea Islander peoples, the cathedral as a figure in Fritz Lang’s film Metropolis, and Mozi ­– the earliest extended philosophical discourse in China.
Find out more about recognition for Australian South Sea Islander Peoples, the cathedral as a figure in Fritz Lang’s film ‘Metropolis’, and Mozi ­– the earliest extended philosophical discourse in China.

20 AUG | Recognition of the Australian South Sea Islander Peoples: a human rights issue for a 'forgotten people'
2013 marks 150 years since the first of 55,000 Pacific Islander labourers (known as Australian South Sea Islanders) were brought to Australia. Thousands came between 1863 and 1901, and they worked in slave-like conditions to develop sugar cane, pastoral and maritime industries.

21 AUG | The cathedral of cinema: Fritz Lang's Metropolis
Historian of German modernism, Mark Haxthausen, explores the cathedral as a figure of the Gothic imagination in Fritz Lang’s epoch-making film.

23 AUG | Mozi: a study and translation of the ethical and political writings
The authors of the Mozi, an anthology of enormous scope and great importance, can be credited with having produced the earliest extended philosophical discourse in China on a remarkably varied set of topics.

 SEP  | What makes us happy?

Returning from a sold-out season in London's West End, Happy as Larry combines an intoxicating mix of ballet, breakdance, rollerskating and pulsating dance, set to a vibrant electro-acoustic score.  This limited season runs from 10 to 14 September, and student tickets are only $20! Find out more

 16 AUG  | Disability Action Plan launch

Join us to launch the Disability Action Plan 2013-2018. The plan is part of the University’s commitment to become a more inclusive and equitable place for all of our staff, students and visitors. Register or find out more

 16 AUG  | Minimal. Conceptual. Pop: a symposium on American art 1960-80

The United States Studies Centre is joining with the Art Gallery of NSW to mount an international symposium on the Gallery's American art collections of the 60s and 70s. Find out more

 18 AUG  | Royal Carillon School boss plays our carillon

One of the world's finest carillonists, Koen Cosaert, will be artist-in-residence this week at the University. He will give lectures and master classes to the University's carillonists, culminating in a recital on Sunday 18 August. Cosaert is the director of the Royal Carillon School, the world's largest and oldest institution for training carillonists. 

When: 2pm, Sunday 18 August
Where: Quadrangle, Camperdown Campus
Cost: Free, bring a picnic

 21 AUG  | Social and digital media: harbingers of practising IT 3.0?

This event will provide an overview of current social and digital media trends and future developments in IT and Engineering over the next decade. Presented by Scott Dinsdale, Managing Director/Media Practice Lead (ANZ & APAC) at Accenture. Register or find out more

 21 AUG  | Carbon copies: inheritance of the human genome

We take it for granted that our DNA replicates normally every day, but when these processes go wrong we can end up with abnormal cells and even cancer. Dr Bruce Stillman, President of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York will discuss how the human genome is copied and inherited each time a cell divides. Find out more

 23 AUG  | Action for child health: what role for nutrition?

Improving the health of the world's children remains a core issue for global development. Globally we are making significant progress in improving child survival but more needs to be done if we are to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Join Dr Micky Chopra, Chief of Health of UNICEF in New York, and other speakers from Bangladesh and India as they share their research on the potential for improved nutrition to make a critical contribution to the health of children in Asia. Find out more

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